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EPOLENE® Emulsifiable Polymers

Key Applications

inks; textile lubricants; masterbatch; pvc processing aid; asphalt modification; floor polish; fruit coatings; automotive polish; furniture polish; glass coating; plastics; paper coating

Product Description

EPOLENE® emulsifiable polymers are oxidized, low–molecular weight polyethylene polymers used to create wax emulsions for coating, finish, and ink applications. These polymers also serve as processing aids for plastic extrusion applications. Emulsions based on these oxidized polyethylene polymers generally impart high gloss, good rub resistance, and surface modification. In emulsion-based floor polishes, EPOLENE® emulsifiable polyethylene waxes create high slip resistance, toughness, and durability. EPOLENE® polyethylene waxes can create emulsions for textile and fabric finishes. They can also be used as lubricants in clay coatings for paper calendering. Creamy automobile polishes may also benefit from emulsifiable EPOLENE® polymers to increase gloss and film hardness. EPOLENE® polyethylene waxes with a high softening point and density are ideal for creating emulsions for fruit coatings that exhibit excellent hardness, fast drying times, and outstanding gloss. Scuff-resistant glass bottle coatings may also be made using this polyethylene wax. Inks may benefit from using EPOLENE® polyethylene wax emulsions to incorporate high abrasion resistance, impart a degree of slip to the printed surface, and reduce offset during printing. EPOLENE® emulsifiable polyethylene waxes are also useful as lubricants for manufacturing both rigid and flexible PVC plastics and are excellent processing aids for color concentrates.

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