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EPOLENE® Non-emulsifiable Polymers

Key Applications

hot melt adhesives; waxes; masterbatch; plastics; rubber compounding; cable flooding compounds; investment casting; paper coating; cardboard; inks

Product Description

EPOLENE® nonemulsifiable polymers are low– and medium–molecular weight polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) waxes. Unlike the emulsifiable EPOLENE® polyethylene waxes designed as additives for water-based polishes and finishes, these waxes are typically used as modifiers and additives in various plastic compounding, candle, coating, and ink applications. These polypropylene and polyethylene waxes have a low coefficient of friction and are useful as modifiers for paraffin waxes, processing aids for masterbatches and elastomers, and additives that increase durability in ink and coating applications.

To improve physical properties, these nonemulsifiable polyethylene and polypropylene waxes are typically blended with other waxes, such as paraffin. In candle applications, several EPOLENE® nonemulsifiable polyethylene waxes are used to increase tensile strength, hardness, and consistency while burning. These polyethylene waxes may also be used to modify paraffin waxes to create glossy, scratch-resistant coatings on paper packaging.  EPOLENE® nonemulsifiable polyethylene waxes are also excellent at wetting and dispersing pigments used in color masterbatches and compounding applications. Also, these PE waxes provide improved scuff and rub resistance while increasing release and antiblocking properties in ink applications.  EPOLENE® nonemulsifiable PP and PE waxes are available in both powder and pellet forms and offered in a range of viscosities and melting points, allowing versatility in the applications described above.

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