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SweetRight® Dry Honey and Molasses from ADM

In certain applications, liquid sweeteners such as honey or molasses are not ideal forms to work with due to their high viscosity, stickiness, and lack of precision when measuring for consecutive batches in production. Spray and drum drying technology is used to dehydrate and dry difficult-to-work-with sweeteners into free-flowing powders, granules, or flakes for improved convenience. The benefit of drying also means a longer shelf life due to a lower water activity making it more difficult for microbial organisms and other chemical reactions to occur. Powders plated or spray-dried on carrier ingredients such as wheat starch, maltodextrin, or xanthan gum offer optimal functionality in target applications and additional benefits including better mouthfeel and easier solubility.
Dry molasses and honey are great solutions for many dry-mix systems and products such as bakery mixes, beverage stick packs, and animal feeds that will be rehydrated later by the consumer. Like their liquid counterparts, these dry sweeteners exhibit wonderful Maillard browning properties and are great in seasonings and coatings for dry-roasted or oil-roasted snacks. High-concentration formulations are a convenient 1:1 replacement for liquids and deliver superior flavor, color, and functionality. In fact, they contain as many solids as the liquid variety without all the inconvenience!

Dry Sweeteners at ChemPoint

ChemPoint is pleased to partner with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a leading ingredient manufacturer transforming natural products into a complete portfolio of ingredients and flavors for foods and beverages, supplements, and nutrition for pets and livestock. We offer our customers SweetRight®, a line of dry sweeteners from ADM for the food and beverage industry. Learn more about the ingredients provided in the table below. If you would like a sample or quote, reach out to our team, and we would be happy to assist you today.

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