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Diesel Performance Additives

Winter & Performance Diesel Additives

Is your diesel winter ready? Cold weather can wreak havoc on your fuel system and diesel engine by gelling diesel fuel and preventing the engine from starting, leaving you stranded.
Protect your fuel-tank and engine with the premium HiTEC® diesel performance additives. Afton Chemical offers a wide selection of finished diesel additives with the following performance benefits:


Afton's patented GreenClean 3 detergent technology provides DW-10 detergency to diesel fuel to keep the fuel system and fuel injectors clean, thereby improving fuel economy, restoring power, extending injector life, improving fuel filters, and reducing maintenance costs so that your engine is running at peak performance.


Diesel treatments formulated with Afton's cold flow improvers and wax anti-settling additives prevent diesel fuel line freeze-ups and diesel from gelling, thereby improving the operability of the engine in cold weather and reducing downtime and maintenance.


Afton Chemical offers performance fuel additives for diesel that are formulated with lubricity improvers to reduce friction in the fuel system. The additional lubrication prevents wear to extend the life of the fuel pump and reduce downtime and repair costs.


Cetane improvers in Afton Chemical's diesel fuel additives improve the cetane rating of diesel, resulting in reduced fuel emissions, better fuel economy, engine longevity and improved engine performance, and reduced maintenance and downtime. 

Explore our catalog of finished diesel additives below. We've highlighted the key performance benefits of each grade, as well as a comparison at the bottom of the page. Afton's HiTEC® diesel additives are available in drums or totes to be used as received or repacked into smaller container sizes. Want to formulate your own performance fuel additive? We also offer component fuel additive solutions for gasoline and diesel fuel. If you’re interested in learning more about these options please call (425) 378-8600 or visit Aftermarket Gasoline & Diesel Additives.

Afton Diesel Fuel Additives

Winter Diesel Performance Solutions

HiTEC® 46610

Multifunctional Winter Diesel Fuel Additive

Premium performance fuel additive for modern diesel fuels and biodiesel blends to improve diesel fuel performance and winter operability. HiTEC® 46610 provides the following benefits:

  • Cold flow improvers and de-icers for excellent cold filter plugging point (CFPP) and wax anti-settling (WASA) performance
  • GreenClean 3 detergent technology to clean "coking" injector deposits and sticky internal injector deposits
  • Cetane boost for improved engine combustion
  • Increased lubricity to prevent wear
  • Corrosion protection to reduce fuel system corrosion
  • Water shedding performance
Available In:
  • 410.06lb Drums
  • 2010.61lb Totes

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HiTEC® 18536X

Winter Diesel Fuel Additive

Diesel fuel heavy duty additive with cold flow technology intended for use in extreme winter weather as cold as -30°F. HiTEC® 18536X provides the following benefits:
  • Cold flow improvers and de-icers for cold weather operability and superior CFPP and WASA performance

Available In:
  • 265 Gal Totes

HiTEC® 18933DN

Winter Diesel Fuel Additive 

Performance additive that provides cold temperature performance for diesel fuel in moderately cold temperatures as low as -5°F. HiTEC® 18933DN provides the following benefits:
  • Cold flow improvers & de-icers for cold weather operability and superior CFPP & WASA performance

Available In:
  • 265 Gal Totes

Summer Diesel Performance Solutions

HiTEC® 46606

Multifunctional Summer Diesel Fuel Additive

Diesel treatment additive for superior detergency and performance in diesel fuels. HiTEC® 46606 provides the following benefits:
  • GreenClean3 detergents to clean traditional "coking" deposits and sticky internal injector deposits
  • Raises cetane for better engine combustion and fuel economy
  • Increased lubricity to reduce friction and wear
  • Corrosion protection to reduce sludge formation
  • Water shedding performance

Available In:
  • 424.84lb Drums

HiTEC® 46600

Diesel Fuel Detergent Additive

Diesel performance additive that reduces injector deposits in diesel engines. HiTEC® 46600 provides the following benefits:
  • GreenClean 3 detergent technology for "Keep-Clean" (DW-10) and "Clean-Up" performance
  • Delivers improved corrosion protection
  • Water shedding performance

Available In:
  • 396.84lb Drums

Comparison of Afton Diesel Packages

CFI = Cold Flow Improver           WASA = Wax Anti Settling Additive          CI = Corrosion Inhibitor

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Diesel Fuel Additives Really Work?

There is a lot of skepticism in the market about the importance of fuel additives, but the answer is resoundingly YES. Diesel fuel additives serve an important role in restoring the diesel fuel, fuel system, and engine to optimum condition. Diesel fuel is largely untreated, making diesel engines highly susceptible to wear, corrosion and deposit formation. All of these issues negatively impact the performance of your vehicle. The widespread use of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) to reduce vehicle emissions and High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injectors has exacerbated issues like dirty and faulty fuel injectors, clogged fuel filters, and lost power and fuel economy. Fuel additives for diesel provide many benefits including cleaning dirty fuel injectors, improving fuel economy, restoring lost power, preventing corrosion and fuel filter plugging, and improving diesel fuel performance at low temperatures to ensure winter operability. Using the right fuel additive for diesel fuel can restore your engine to near-perfect condition, saving you time and money on diesel fuel and costly repair. 

What Additives Are in Diesel?

The majority of diesel is untreated in North America. Unlike gasoline, there are no federal regulations regarding a minimum fuel additive concentration for diesel. In addition, sulfur is a natural lubricant and the widespread use of low-sulfur diesel resulted in a greater need in the market for additized diesel. Because of this, fuel additives are widely used for diesel fuel to improve lubricity, detergency, cetane, corrosion control, and winter weather performance. 

How Much Diesel Additive Should be Added to the Fuel?

The recommended treat rate will vary depending on the fuel additive and your performance needs. Contact a technical representative for specific recommendations. HiTEC® 18536X and HiTEC® 18933DN should be added to the diesel fuel 10-15°F or more above the diesel's cloud point.

What Is the Difference Between a Winter and Summer Diesel Additive?

The HiTEC® winter diesel additives are formulated with additional chemistries that provide cold temperature performance. These include wax anti-settling additives (WASA) and cold flow improvers (CFI) that help prevent diesel from gelling. The summer diesel performance additives are commonly used outside of the winter months when cold weather operability is no longer needed. 

Why Does Afton Manufacture the Best Diesel Additives?

Afton Chemical has been developing the best additive technologies for fuels and lubricants for more than 90 years. They work closely with OEMs, regulatory bodies, and our customers to provide solutions that reduce emissions, improve performance, extend equipment life, and lower your operational cost. Afton's patented GreenClean 3 detergent technology delivers unparalleled cleanliness to the diesel fuel system, preventing and quickly cleaning up injector deposits to restore equipment to near-new condition. In addition, Afton has tailored solutions to meet the regional challenges of diesel and the various needs of our customers. Contact us to speak with a technical representative about our diesel product solutions.
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