HiTEC® 18933DN

Multi-functional Diesel Fuel Additive. Contains Cold Flow Improver, Wax Antisettling and Deicer Additives for Environments as Cold as -5°F.
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Product Overview

HiTEC® 18933DN is a winter performance diesel additive for use in potential freeze-up environments. HiTEC® 18933DN provides enhanced fuel fluidity in harsh environments around -5°F. HiTEC® 18933DN is safe for use in a range of heavy-duty, on and off-road, and marine applications.

HiTEC® 18933DN qualifies for the USA EPA 40CFR80.591A certification, which means the product contains less than 15 ppm sulfur.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Clear to hazy yellow
amber liquid
Density, lbs/gal.: 7.55
Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6°C: 0.906
Viscosity @ 40°C: 7.2
Flash Point, °C (C): 40 min.
Max Handling Temperature: 35°C
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Features & Benefits
Improves low temperature operability in a range of common fuels
Lowers CFPP (cold filter plugging point) without adversely affecting energy content of the fuel
Reduces risk of fuel line Freeze-Up
Reduces wax dropout where fuel is stored below cloud point
Problems Solved
Diesel Operability Issues in Cold Temperatures
Frozen Fuel System & Plugged Lines
Wax Dropout & Crystal Formation

Recommended dosage rate of the HiTEC® 18933DN is 1 gallon per 3,000 gallons of diesel. Treat rate can be doubled or tripled for severe cold conditions.

HiTEC® is a trademark of Afton Chemical Corporation.