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Evolving with E-Mobility

Evolving with E-Mobility - Afton Additives

It does not seem that long ago that electric vehicles were just a pipe dream in The Jetsons, and it is not easy to predict what the automotive market looks like 10 years from now.  What is easy to predict is that Afton Chemical will be there every step of the way to help develop new and premium lubricant additives to meet the challenges of future automotive technology.

What does future lubrication look like? 

We know the trend for e-mobility is here to stay and will continue to grow with heightened focus at the OEM level and with the increase in global regulations to reduce emissions. E-mobility is more than just an electric car, it is a multi-faceted wave of innovation that spans the entire transportation industry and the supporting infrastructure.  Power train manufacturing, electric charging stations, battery technologies, trasnmission types and many more changes are all included in the future world of e-mobility. 

Hyping Hybrid Technology

One of the faster growing automotive technologies is the hybrid electric car. The hybrid engine is projected to overtake (pun intended) the internal combustion engine as the most common vehicle type on the road between 2035 and 2045. It may seem like hybrid cars are not all thatdifferent from the traditional ICE vehicle, but the lubricants required both in manufacture & operation differ significantly.

Hybrid Transmissions

Hybrid electric transmissions have different lubrication requirements for proper protection & operation.  AT-hybrid, CVT-hybrid & DCT-hybrid transmission types will inevitably drive the future specifications for service fill fluids and need to consider the following factors:
  • Fluid Compatibility
  • Electrical Properties
  • Cooling Ability
  • Mechanical Protection
Engine and transmission technology will continue to change, becoming smaller, increasingly complex, and ask more of the lubricants being utilized.  Lubricant formulators will have to consider these and other new challenges when developing future product solutions.    

Unrivaled Partnership - Afton Technologies

Afton truly takes customer service to the next level – and actively partners and works through product development with customers.  Their Application Solutions Center (ASC) is a dedicated team of specialists who assist with product differentiation, recommendation, tailored testing capability and insight into market intel and forecasting.  ChemPoint and Afton take this commitment to unrivaled partnership and customer service very seriously.


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