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Afton Hydraulic Additives

Pumpin' up Hydraulic Fluids

Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized hydraulic fluid packages to help you formulate the ideal hydraulic fluid without the hassle. Meet or exceed the performance requirements for all major OEM and industry specifications and help your customer’s keep their equipment running smoother & longer. 


  • Excellent oxidation stability 
  • Good sludge and particulate control
  • Standard treat rate of ~0.82 TO 0.87% by weight
  • Superior wear protection for maximum equipment life

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Premium Performance Hydraulic Package
  • Developed for modern high pressure hydraulic systems
  • Excellent anti-wear and corrosion protection
  • Improved filterability and consequently less downtime
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability for improved protection and extended life of yellow metal parts of the equipment
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Low-zinc Anti-Wear Hydraulic Package
  • Designed for a range of moderate to high pressure applications
  • Filterability in the presence of water
  • Protection of yellow metals in the presence of water
  • Good oxidation, rust and corrosion protection
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Zinc-Free Anti-Wear Hydraulic Package
  • Designed to provide superior performance over traditional hydraulic additive systems in severe duty and high-load applications.
  • Increases the life of the hydraulic fluid while enabling
    operators to reduce the environmental impact of their operations
  • Excellent separation from water
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 HITEC® 544  

Ashless Anti-Wear Hydraulic Package
  • High performance in environmentally sensitive applications (i.e. forestry, logging); where watercourse or aquifer sensitivity exists or where legislation requires the use of ashless hydraulic oils
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
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