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RIFT Method for GDI Engines

Leader in GDI Additive Technology

Afton Chemical is a market leader in developing additive chemistries that improve engine efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and allow for a better driving experience. With the increasing adoption of gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine technology, new additive technology is needed to combat deposits, make fuel cleaner, and improve engine performance. Afton Chemical developed RIFT (Rapid Injector Fouling Test) to measure deposit formation in GDI engines.

What is Direct Injection?

Gasoline direct injection (GDI) is an engine technology where gasoline is injected at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber. GDI allows for more complete combustion and a higher combustion ratio, improving the fuel efficiency and power of the vehicle. However, GDI engine technology created several challenges that needed to be addressed with better additives:

  • Increased temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber
  • Increased risk of deposit formation
  • Flow loss and potential loss of fuel economy
  • Increased particulate emissions

When injectors are dirty, there is a compacted spray pattern instead of a fine, even mist which results in poor combustion, power loss, and poor fuel efficiency. In severe situations, large droplets are formed and cause particulate emissions that can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

What is RIFT?

RIFT is the Rapid Injector Fouling Test Afton developed to test gasoline direct injection deposits. Afton Chemical’s RIFT method uses long-term fuel trim (LTFT), a non-invasive way to evaluate GDI deposits. Many studies have correlated changes in LTFT directly to the formation and removal of injector deposits. A continuous increase in LTFT indicates that injectors are plugging, whereas a decrease in LTFT indicates that deposits are being removed.

Afton RIFT in Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicles and the Effects of Deposits on Vehicle Performance

Afton GD1 Headquarters

Afton Chemical is your headquarters for news and information about GDI fuels. As GDI industry tests become increasingly important, Afton is here to support your business and help you succeed in this changing market by providing you with research, data, trends, and high-performance gasoline additive solutions. Afton works in collaboration with automakers, Tier 1 OEM suppliers, and major oil marketers to develop innovative products that meet the new challenges of GDI engines. In some of their early research into GDI, Afton developed custom engines with GDI technology for their lab research, because commercial GDI engines were not yet available. Since then, Afton continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge additives that optimize vehicle performance. Click here to learn more about Afton GD1 Headquarters.

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