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Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives

Afton ATF Additives - Automatically First™

Afton Chemical is a global leader when it comes to formulating automatic transmission fluid (ATF) additives. Afton’s decades of research and development with leading OEMs has allowed them to formulate additive technologies that meet the new challenges of transmission design. Afton’s commitment to deliver additives that allow for more reliable transmissions and meet the performance requirements of a wide number of vehicle models is what makes Afton Automatically First™ for ATF additives.

How Transmission Fluid Works

The transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the driveshaft and differentials to rotate the wheels and move the vehicle. Transmissions vary torque, speed and direction by changing gear ratios so that the engine operates at optimum efficiency. Besides assisting with power transfer, the transmission fluid works to protect gears and critical metal parts within the transmission by reducing friction and heat, keeping parts clean, and preventing wear.


Unlike manual transmissions, automatic transmissions change gear ratios without any interruption in power transfer. What are the different types of automatic transmissions?


Step-Type Automatic Transmissions

The most common type of automatic transmissions in the United States, step-type automatic transmissions use one or more planetary gears to create various gear ratios. In step-type transmissions, the torque converter receives power from the engine and acts like a clutch.

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)

Commonly found in Asian car models, continuously variable transmissions constantly change gear ratios in response to engine power. The transmission uses a belt or chain links and two variable-diameter pulleys to adjust the gear ratios so there is no noticeable shifting.

Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT)

Dual clutch transmissions are popular in Europe and in high-end vehicles where consumers like the “feel” of a manual transmission. The gear set in dual clutch transmissions are set similar to a manual transmission, where gears are arranged alternatively on two co-linear lay shafts.

Automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) are some of the most complicated and highly developed lubricants on the market because they are expected to deliver long-term protection to a variety of components. Additionally, different automatic transmissions have unique friction requirements which changes the performance requirements of the fluid and additives. It is critical to the long-life and performance of your driveline to use the right transmission fluid. Using the wrong transmission fluid can lead to transmission problems including excessive wear, increased noise and vibration, and premature failure. Afton Chemical ATF additives are formulated to deliver balanced componentry that meets the diverse needs of OEMs and oil marketers.

Transmission Fluid Additive Packages

Afton Chemical’s core automatic transmission fluid (ATF) additives are highlighted below. Traditionally, a separate additive package was required to formulate both step-type fluid and CVT fluids. However, Afton’s new technology HiTEC® 3488 allows for premium-tier formulations of both step-type and CVT fluid. Contact us to speak with a technical representative and to request claims data.

Aftermarket Transmission Fluid Additives

As vehicles age and the transmission fluid deteriorates, consumers may choose to add a transmission fluid additive to help restore transmission performance. Afton Chemical has component solutions for aftermarket transmission fluid additives and can assist you with your product claims.
HiTEC® 3403A is a ATF and power steering flush and conditioner that imparts the following benefits:
  • Conditions seals to improve seal compatibility
  • Cleans metal parts of sludge and varnish
  • Provides protection against clutch wear
  • Provides friction modifiers to restore smooth shifting
HiTEC® 008
is an adipate ester seal swell agent and provides the following benefits to 'stop leak' transmission additives:
  • Stops seal and gasket leaks caused by transmission wear
  • Imparts strong seal swell activity
  • Low odor and chlorine-free chemistry

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