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Viscosity control vs. temperature change is one of the most important aspects of an effective and long-lasting lubricant.  There are thousands of applications that cycle between cold and hot operating temperatures and demand the same level of lubrication and protection throughout the process.   

What is a Viscosity Index Improver and What Does it Do? 

Simply put a viscosity index improver (VII) helps a lubricant from becoming too “thin” at higher temperatures.  Think of a glass full of honey — at low temperature the fluid is viscous and thick.  However, after being exposed to heat, the honey flows much more readily.  In a lubrication sense, the protective properties at a “flowable honey” state are diminished as the film between metal surfaces becomes inconsistent and leads to damage and wear. 
A Viscosity Index Improver is a complex collection of polymers that react at elevated temperatures and expand to thicken and ensure a more stable and consistent viscosity.  This ensures the lubricant fully protects the equipment at both low and high temperatures.

Afton Solutions 

Afton carries a range of Olefin Copolymer (OCP) Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) in their HiTEC® Performance Additive product line. We have highlighted a few key grades below, but Click Here to View the Full VII Portfolio

Olefin Copolymer (OCP) Tehnologies

Polymethacrylate (PMA) Technologies

Afton also carries a variety of Polymethacrylate (PMA) based Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) that can be utilized in a variety of industrial and automotive lubricant formulations. 

More than Just Lubricants

Afton's HiTEC® Viscosity Index Improvers can be used in a wide variety of non-lubricant related applications.  The shear stability can impart beneficial properties to a number of different product formulations and processes.  If you need enhanced shear stability and high viscosity in your product, reach out and get a sample of the Afton HITEC® OCP's today!

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