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Brighten Your Inks With SoyGold®

If You Need a Solvent Replacement, ChemPoint Has You Covered.

Since SoyGold® is much clearer and less oily than petroleum and oil based inks, it helps enhance the brightness of ink colors.

Inks made with Soygold® are> 95% biodegradable compared to any petroleum based ink prints, which helps enable less fiber damage and more ink brightness, thus making it easier in paper recycling process. AGP's soybean oil methyl esters are readily available in drums, totes, or bulk. See how SoyGold® is superior to other solvents below: 


Changing to a new solvent isn't easy. ChemPoint's technical team can provide guidance to streamline the transition. SoyGold® comes in a variety of grades to help tailor the properties and results for your end product.
We are partnered exclusively with AGP on SoyGold® - a soybean oil methyl ester with a low VOC and high flashpoint alternative to petroleum based solvents. It is produced from natural whole soybean oil which allows for recyclability, renewability, and uniqueness in a new ink. SoyGold® provides good stability for continuous printing along with low friction resistance and excellent gloss.


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