SoyGold® 1100

SoyGold®1100 is pure soy methyl ester, single distilled green solvent. SoyGold® 1100 is a bio-based, highly compatible solvent, with low VOC, and a high flash point.
Product Overview
SoyGold® 1100 is a fully bio-based soy methyl ester solvent without any additives produced from 100% natural whole soybean oil. This grade is single distilled. SoyGold® 1100 is an effective solvent when used alone, but is also highly compatible with other commonly used solvents.
Product Specifications
VOC: 3.84% (34g/L) EPA Method 24
Evaporation Emissions: Less than 0.005 @ 76 °F (NBAC=1)
High Flash Point: Above 300 °F
95% degraded in soil in 28 days
kB Value: 58
Primary Chemistry: Soy Methyl Ester, Methyl Soyate
Features & Benefits
Low VOCs
Ultra low evaporation emissions
Moderate viscosity in-solution

High compatibility with other solvents in solution
High kB value
Problems Solved
Impurities and low purity of commercially available soy methyl esters
High volatility and flammability of commonly used solvents and EPA restrictions on high VOC formulations
Low KB value and insufficient solvency of organic and green solvents
Effectiveness of organic solvents in dissolving greases, oils, and hard surface cleaning
SoyGold®1100 is used widely across industries, such as; HIC, Build and Construction, O&G Production and Processing, Agriculture,
and Water Treatment.