Functional Ingredients for Gut Health, Energy, & More

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of ChemPoint as the U.S. Distributor for Anderson Advanced Ingredients products OligoSMART®, ProteoSMART®, VegiSURGE®, TAP’PD®, and FruitSource® for the Nutrition and Food Ingredient industries.
Anderson Advanced Ingredients provides innovative, best-in-class ingredients to help brands develop products with label claims such as clean, organic, and vegan.  Their ingredients keep end-use products ahead of the curve in a progressive market.

Anderson Advanced Ingredients Products

    TAP'PD® tapioca polydextrose is a prebiotic fiber with sweetening properties for gut health applications.  It browns better than some other sweetener alternatives.
    OligoSMART® isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO) provide multifunctional benefits for baked goods, confectionery, snack products, functional beverages, and more.  OligoSMART® offers excellent bulking, binding, and sweetening properties.
    ProteoSMART® is a line of plant-based protein powders that are highly soluble and sourced from rice, peas, and seeds.  They are compatible with almost any flavor profile.

    Fruitsource® monk fruit extract is a non-nutritive, fruit-based sweetener from the luo han gao fruit. This high-potency sweetening ingredient has a muted aftertaste with 200-300 times the sweetness of sugar. Use it to enhance the all-natural story of your food formulas and recipes.


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