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    BASF acrylic monomers include glacial acrylic acid and its esters. They are important building blocks for polymers used in widely diverse applications such as paper coatings, adhesives, coatings, superabsorbent products, water treatment chemicals, textile and leather auxiliaries, nonwoven fabrics, detergent builders, plastics, and fibers.
ChemPoint supplies BASF acrylic monomers in drum package sizes for easier handling in different use application. It can be used as alternative option to bulk quantities in extreme cold and freezing condition.


    Product Name/Chemistry DESCRIPTION Package Size
    2-ETHYLHEXYL ACRYLATE                     This primary C8 alkylamine monomer with a branched carbon backbone is used to make specialty acrylic polymers for several value added markets.


    399lb Drum
    BUTYL ACRYLATE This ester of acrylic acid is used to make acrylic polymers for specialty and mainstream applications. 410lb Drum
    GLACIAL ACRYLIC ACID                         This basic unsaturated form of carboxylic acid is used to make polymers used in applications ranging from medical hydrogels to superabsorbent polymers to detergents. 470lb Drum



  • With six production sites in the world's most important economic areas and growth regions we have a global network which guarantees secure supplies for you at local level.

  • ChemPoint offers acrylic acid as well as the complete portfolio of acrylic monomers.

  • The reliability and flexibility of our supply are secured by BASF's integrated worldscale production sites in the Americas, in Europe and in Asia.

  • Ongoing research and development, process engineering and product stewardship guarantee the supply of consistent, high quality products to many industries.

  • BASF acrylates are used to improve the performance characteristics in thousands of polymer formulations.




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