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BASF Acrylic Monomers

BASF acrylic monomers are chemicals that serve as building blocks to create polymers used in diverse applications and industries. ChemPoint supplies BASF acrylic monomers in drum package sizes. This offers easier handling and a safer, easier alternative to thawing these monomers, which are prone to freezing when purchased in bulk and stored during the winter. 
ChemPoint's portfolio of BASF monomers includes glacial acrylic acid and its esters. They constitute materials like acrylic resins and additives used in adhesives, coatings, water treatment chemicals, textile and leather auxiliaries, nonwoven fabrics, plastics, fibers, and more. These monomers are also critical feedstocks for synthesizing chemicals for several industries through addition reactions made with various organic and inorganic compounds. 

Why Choose BASF Acrylic Monomers? 


  • BASF has six production sites located in the world's most important economic areas and growth regions as part of a global network that guarantees secure supply at local levels. 

  • Ongoing research and development, process engineering, investments, and product stewardship guarantee the supply of consistent, high-quality products across many industries. 

  • BASF acrylates and acrylic monomers are produced with sustainable development practices that optimize material and energy efficiency while minimizing environmental harm. 

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