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Butyl Acrylate

Butyl acrylate (BA) is an acrylic acid ester with a sharp pungent odor. It is somewhat less dense than water and forms a slick surface on water.


410.0593lb Drum



Product Overview

Building blocks for polymer manufacturing and chemical manufacturing.

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Features & Benefits

Forms copolymers and homopolymers 
Useful for feedstock synthesis
Very slightly soluble in water

Product Specifications

Appearance: clear and colorless 
Physical Form: liquid
Odor: pungent
Molar Mass: 128.2
Assay (Gas chromatography) - min 99.5%
Water Content (ASTM E 203) - max. 0.05%
Acid Content (ASTM D 1613) - max. 0.01%
Color on despatch (ASTM D 1209) - max. 10
Standard Stabilization (ASTM D 3125) 15+/- 5ppm MEHQ
Primary Chemistry: Acrylic monomer 
Chemistry:  Acrylic Monomers; Acrylic Monomers; Acrylic Monomers
Functions:  Adhesion Promoters; Binders; Resins; Resins; Resins

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BASF Acrylic Monomers

BASF acrylic monomers include glacial acrylic acid and its esters. They are important building blocks for polymers used in widely diverse applications such as paper coatings, adhesives, coatings, superabsorbent products, water treatment chemicals, textile and leather auxiliaries, nonwoven fabrics, detergent builders, plastics, and fibers.

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