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Bostik Born2Bond™ Threadlockers

Born2Bond™ Anaerobic Adhesives

Born2Bond™ single-component anaerobic adhesive threadlockers take the hassle out of maintenance. These easy-to-use products help reduce inventory and outperform mechanical threadlocking solutions. As liquid adhesives, they are simple to apply and fill all voids to protect and secure metal fittings.

Why Use Born2Bond™ Threadlocking Solutions? 

These quick-setting anaerobic adhesive threadlockers from Bostik provide complete surface coverage, securing the bolted thread without fear of loosening. They also act as a thread sealant, providing a fast-curing solution that protects from corrosion and other surface damage.

Born2Bond™ Threadlockers are compatible for active and passive metals, allowing for an instant solution for any difficult threaded connections on the job.



  • 100% Connection, No Loosening 
  • Evenly Distribute Force 
  • Vibration Resistant 
  • Corrosion Prevention Thread Sealant
  • Range of Low to High Strengths and Viscosities 
  • Increased Reliability
  • Longer Component Lifespan
  • Easy-to-Use Adhesives
  • Versatile, Multi-purpose Solutions
  • Reduced Costs & Storage Requirements

How Does Born2Bond™ Work? 

Common Applications - Threadlocking Adhesives

Bostik Born2Bond™ threadlocker engineering adhesives come ready to use in a range of medium-strength and high-strength solutions in convenient package sizes that can be used in a wide variety of common equipment types across multiple industries.

Application & Equipment Types


  • Engines
  • Powertrains
  • Compresors and Pumps
  • Liquid and Gas Storage
  • Gearboxes and Transmissions
The Born2Bond™ engineering adhesives are produced by Bostik, owned by the Arkema company. 

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