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Industry Leading Corrugator Grease

Krytox™ PFPE greases are the industry standard grease for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single face corrugators.  Competitive corrugator PFPE greases simply don't compare to the Krytox™ in performance long term.  Krytox™ uses the highest quality PFPE and the finest PTFE powder available, delivering unrivaled performance at a competitive price.
Cost vs. Performance is always at top of mind with the maintenance & chemical spend of the corrugating industry. Replacing bearings is exceptionally expensive, and using the wrong grease can pour salt on the wounded wallet.
Lubricating bearings with Krytox™ grease for corrugators will reduce the risk of bearing failure and potential down time. All corrugator grades are made with the most thermally stable H-1 certified base oil and can be used in any corrugator facilities regardless of whether H-1 food grade is required or not.

Learn more about Krytox™ CORR 226FG
Learn more about Krytox™ CORR 227FG 

*Literaure source
¹Krytox™ 226FG is NSF135659 registered
²Krytox™ 227FG is NSF135660 registered.
³NyeCorr® is a registered trademark of Nye Lubricants, Inc

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Specialty Corrugating Products

ChemPoint carries a variety of specialty chemsitries used in the corrugation industry.


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