Krytox™ PFPE/PTFE greases have been  the standard grease for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers in the corrugator industry. If you are using a competitor’s corrugator PFPE grease and have used Krytox™ in the past, now is the time to make the switch back.  Krytox™ uses the highest quality PFPE and the finest PTFE powder available, all at a competitive price.

As you probably know (but in case you didn’t) lubricating bearings with Krytox™ greases for corrugators will reduce the risk of bearing failure and potential down time. All corrugator grades are made with the most thermally stable H-1 certified base oil and can be used in any corrugator facilities regardless of whether H-1 food grade is required or not.

Having trouble with your corrugator grease? No problem!  ChemPoint’s team is ready to assist. We work closely with Chemours' engineering team to provide the support you need.