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Corrugation Chemicals Consolidated

Specialty Products for the Corrugating Industry

The corrugating industry in North America produces more than 38 Billion boxes annually and with the increase in e-commerce these boxes are becoming more and more prevalent. To keep up with the demand, it’s critical to maintain the operability of the corrugators and maximize production capacity. ChemPoint carries a variety of specialty greases and solvents specifically engineered for use in the corrugating industry and to keep your plant rolling along.


High Temperature Bearing Grease

Corrugators contain multiple rolls that are exposed to extremely high temperatures and run at exceptional speeds, producing 500-1000 FPM.  The bearings used for preheating, corrugating and pressure rolls need a lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures & running speeds.  Chemours has the industry leading solution in the corrugator grades of Krytox™ CORR 226FG and 227FG.

By using the Krytox™ Peformance Grease you can: 

  • Extend Bearing Life Between Maintenance Cycles 
  • Run at Higher Temperatures & Faster Speeds
  • Use Less Grease & Reduce Waste Disposal

For a comparison guide of Krytox™ vs. Nye please click here; Krytox™ Corrugator Grease

Bearing Contamination Color Guide

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your facility is running at maximum production.  To help maintain proper levels of lubrication, a color check is an easy way to ensure the Krytox levels are fresh and performing as intended.  The guide below is a quick reference to identify if your bearings require a refill or replacement: 

Specialty Solvent Cleaners

PFPE grease provides best in class performance but historically have been difficult to clean off bearings during maintenance cycles.  3M™ has the go-to cleaner for PFPE greases in the Novec products 72DE and 73DE.  The Novec™ cleaners provide a sustainable replacement to common toxic solvents like nPB and TCE commonly used in industrial cleaning applications.  

By using the Novec™ Cleaners you can: 

  • Decrease Cleaning Cycle Times
  • Reduce Energy Used  
  • Eliminate Waste Water Treatment from Cleaning
  • Eliminate Residue on Cleaned Parts


Novec™ has incredibly low suface tension, allowing for a deeper penetration onto surfaces and an unrivaled level of clean. The graphic below compares the surface tension coefficients of the Novec™ 73DE and water, detailing how surface imperfections can hold onto difficult grit & grime.

Novec™ cleaners can be used in common precision cleaning methods; 

  • Vapor Degreasing 
  • Immersion 
  • Hand-Wipe 
  • Spray Cleaning


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