Specialty Products for the Corrugating Industry

The corrugating industry in North America produces more than 38 Billion boxes annually and with the increase in e-commerce these boxes are becoming more and more prevalent. To keep up with the demand, it’s critical to maintain the operability of the corrugators and maximize production capacity. ChemPoint carries a variety of specialty greases and solvents specifically engineered for use in the corrugating industry and to keep your plant rolling along.


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High Temperature Bearing Grease

Corrugators contain multiple rolls that are exposed to extremely high temperatures and run at exceptional speeds, producing 500-1000 FPM.  The bearings used for preheating, corrugating and pressure rolls need a lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures & running speeds.  Chemours has the industry leading solution in the corrugator grades of Krytox™ CORR 226FG and 227FG.

By using the Krytox™ Peformance Grease you can: 

  • Extend Bearing Life Between Maintenance Cycles 
  • Run at Higher Temperatures & Faster Speeds
  • Use Less Grease & Reduce Waste Disposal

For a comparison guide of Krytox™ vs. Nye please click here; Krytox™ Corrugator Grease

    Grade Viscosity @ 40°COperating Temperature RangeNSF H-1 Food Grade Certified
    Krytox™ CORR 226FG240 cSt

    -36°C to 260°C

    -33°F to 500°F

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    Krytox™ CORR 227FG440 cSt

    -30°C to 288°C

    -22°F to 550°F

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Bearing Contamination Color Guide

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your facility is running at maximum production.  To help maintain proper levels of lubrication, a color check is an easy way to ensure the Krytox levels are fresh and performing as intended.  The guide below is a quick reference to identify if your bearings require a refill or replacement: 

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ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Specialty Solvent Cleaners

PFPE grease provides best in class performance but historically have been difficult to clean off bearings during maintenance cycles.  3M™ has the go-to cleaner for PFPE greases in the Novec products 72DE and 73DE.  The Novec™ cleaners provide a sustainable replacement to common toxic solvents like nPB and TCE commonly used in industrial cleaning applications.  

By using the Novec™ Cleaners you can: 

  • Decrease Cleaning Cycle Times
  • Reduce Energy Used  
  • Eliminate Waste Water Treatment from Cleaning
  • Eliminate Residue on Cleaned Parts


    Grade Viscosity (cps) Boiling Point Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)Technical Documentation
    Novec™ 72DE                 

    43°C / 109°F

    Novec™ 73DE

    48°C / 118°F


Novec™ has incredibly low suface tension, allowing for a deeper penetration onto surfaces and an unrivaled level of clean. The graphic below compares the surface tension coefficients of the Novec™ 73DE and water, detailing how surface imperfections can hold onto difficult grit & grime.

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Novec™ cleaners can be used in common precision cleaning methods; 

  • Vapor Degreasing 
  • Immersion 
  • Hand-Wipe 
  • Spray Cleaning
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