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O-Ring Solutions with Krytox™ Grease

Optimal O-Ring Operation

Millions upon millions of connectors have an elastomer-based O-ring as a sealant or protective interface between two metal surfaces.  They are universally used across countless industries in machines, cars, airplanes, valves, pipelines and much more.  It’s important to ensure the O-rings are properly protected for maximum protection & lifetime, achieve optimal performance with Krytox™ Specialty Grease.

Why Use Krytox™ Specialty Lubricants? 

Krytox™ Specialty Oils & Greases provide an exceptional performance coupled with unrivaled operational life-spans.  The PFPE technology allows the grease to perform at higher levels than competing mineral or synthetic oils and greases. Krytox™ Specialty Lubricants are ideal for O-Ring lubrication as they provide; 
Exceptional Thermal Stability 
Chemically Non-Reactive/Inert
Broad Elastomer Compatabilty

Automotive O-Ring Lubrication

There are dozens of O-rings used in a single automobile and all are critical to the expected performance of the vehicle.  Applications are varied and can range from the circulation of brake fluid, to engine oil, to transmission fluids and even the air conditioner system.  By using Krytox™ Grease you can maximize the lifetime and reliability of the O-ring connections. 

Aerospace O-Ring Lubrication

If there are any industries where failure can truly be catastrophic, it's the Aerospace industry.  Senstitive & critical electronic or fuel systems can require a variety of o-ring materials and sizes.  Ensure optimal performance by using the Krytox™ Aerospace Grade Grease listed below;   

Industrial O-Ring Lubrication

In the industrial world we live in transportation of fuels, chemicals, oil & more is constantly occuring all around us.  Krytox™ Grease is the go-to o-ring lubricant and provides the most robust performance for a variety of environments and conditions.  

Compatibility & Krytox™ Lubricants

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants have a broad range of proven compatability with elastomers & plastics, a partial list of common materials is listed here as a reference. 
ABS Acetal Polymer Aramids Buna N
Butyl 325 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Delrin® Acetal EPDM
EPT, Peroxide Cure Ethylacrylate FEP Fluoroelastomers
Fluorosilicone HDPE HNBR Hydrocarbon Rubber
Hypalon® Synthetic Rubber Hytrel® Polyester Elastomer LDPE Methyl Silicone
Natural Rubber NBR Neoprene WRT Nitrile
Nylon Nylon 6 Nylon 6,6 Nylon 12
PEBA PEEK Polyamides Polycarbonate
Polyetheramide Block Copolymer Polyethylene Polypropoylene PTFE Fluorocarbon
Styrene Ethylene Butylene Polymer Styrenic Polymer Teflon® Fluorocarbon Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Thermoset Polymers Thermoplastic Rubber TPE TPU
Urethane Vamac® Ethylene Acrulic Elastomers Viton™ A & B Zytel® Nylon

If you have compatability questions on a material you do not see listed, please reach out to our team of technical specialists. 

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