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Heptane Solvent for Plant Extraction

CP Chem n-Heptane Pure

Chevron Phillips Chemical is a global leader in producing trusted, high-purity organic solvents, including n-Heptane Pure. n-Heptane Pure has a variety of uses in multiple industries, including its use in plant extraction as a solvent and a denaturing agent to make denatured ethanol. n-Heptane Pure helps producers achieve pure plant extracts to ensure that medicinal, cosmetic, and herbal remedy products meet the highest standards for health and safety.

Plant Extraction

Plant extraction is the separation of desirable compounds from plant materials, such as leaves, flowers, and roots. Plant extraction is used for various purposes, including medicinal, cosmetic, and dietary supplement production. During the extraction process, the plant material is often soaked or macerated in the solvent. The solvent dissolves the desirable compounds and is extracted from the undesirable components. The solvent is then separated from the plant material by filtration or centrifuge. The resulting extract will then undergo more processing, such as concentration, purification, or further formulation. Denatured ethanol is a commonly used solvent in plant extraction because it can dissolve a wide variety of compounds found in plants.

Denatured Ethanol

Denatured ethanol is a type of alcohol that has been modified by denaturing agents to make the alcohol unfit for human consumption. Denatured ethanol is also significantly cheaper than pure ethanol, making it more cost-effective for manufacturing operations. While denatured ethanol is not safe for drinking, it has important applications in other industries, including its use in plant extraction. One of the main advantages of using denatured ethanol in plant extraction is its high solubility. Ethanol can dissolve both polar and non-polar compounds. Many compounds found in plants, including flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenes, and essential oils, are soluble in ethanol and can be extracted from the plant. Denatured ethanol is safer to handle than other common solvents and readily available in the market. Heptane is the most common denaturing agent for ethanol.


Heptane is a hydrocarbon solvent with the chemical formula C7H16 that has a variety of uses in plant extraction. Heptane is a highly volatile solvent with a low boiling point. Heptane is the most common ethanol denaturant, because its difference in boiling point makes it easy to separate from ethanol. Additionally, its volatility aids in the separation of ethanol from other plant components.
Heptane can also be used alone in plant extraction processes. Heptane is a non-polar solvent that readily dissolves other non-polar compounds like essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds found in plants with distinct fragrances and therapeutic properties. Because of its non-polar nature, heptane effectively extracts these oils from plant material.
Because these plant materials are often consumed or used topically, solvent purity is extremely important in plant extraction. n-Heptane Pure from Chevron Phillips Chemical is manufactured with the highest purity and quality standards. n-Heptane Pure is a 99% pure grade of heptane to reduce the risk of contamination, and ensure that extracted compounds are clean and free from unwanted chemicals. Pure-grade n-heptane also allows for better extraction efficiencies to achieve the maximum yield of desired compounds, and provides consistent and reproducible extraction results. Contact us today to learn more!

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