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Refrigerant Chiller Loops & Glycol

Refrigerants & Glycol - Chillers

Technology & chemistry have improved significantly when it comes to commercial and industrial cooling systems.  Outdated and harmful chemistries are being phased out and environmentally conscious solutions are becoming more prominent.  Learn how ComStar Refrigerants and Dow Thermal Fluids are an ideal fit for unrivaled performance and take a more eco-friendly step for temperature control systems.  

Chiller Chemistries - Refrigerants & Glycol

Every chill loop offers the opportunity to utilize ComStar Refrigerants and Dow Glycols. Whether it's commercial HVAC or industrial chilling, each project may have a primary chill loop requiring a R22 refrigerant replacement and a secondary chill loop needing a glycol fluid without the adverse effects of brines or alcohols.  There are many, real-world applications where these performance products can be used, a few of them are highlighted below.

Grocery Store Display Cases

The refrigeration, freezer systems and display cases are absolutely integral for new construction or renovations of grocery stores.  It's critical that these systems meet eco-requirements and provide consistent and long lasting performance.  These systems now use a DOWFROST™ Inhibited Propylene Glycol loop for their frozen food storefront cases that meets a secondary refrigerant chill loop primed with ComStar RS-44b.  This system is engineered to remove heat from an essential cold environment and provides long lasting and low global warming potential (GWP) performance. 

Produce Packing House

Consider the produce packing house — a food-grade GRAS DOWFROST™ glycol must be used in systems close to food products in case of incidental contact.  However, the ComStar RS-44b refrigerant does the 'heavy lifting' cooling in the primary chill loop away from potential food contact.  The combination of food grade and powerful refrigerant performance is critical in consistent, reliable production of fresh produce and other food products. 

Industrial Process Gas Compression

Think of the industrial system used to compress process gas - a similar primary and secondary chill loop help regulate and control temperature in a complex and potentially dangerous system.  For more heavy-duty environments where corrosion control and protection is critical, a DOWFROST™ HD can be utilized to provide robust rust & oxidation prevention in the glycol side.  The ComStar RS-45 low GWP refrigerant is then utilized in the primary chill loop running between the heat exchanger, compressor & evaporator systems.  The combination of DOWFROST HD and RS-45 exhibit high safety levels and ease of install while providing a lower cost & sustainable solution for long term performance for the industry, 

Craft & Micro-Breweries

Temperature control is absolutely critical for brewing beer on a macro or micro scale as any adverse fluctuations in fermentation or cooking temperature can have a significant impact on overall flavor profiles resulting in a muddy or inconsistent batch.  The food grade DOWFROST™ glycol helps regulate and maintain vessel temperatures where incidental food contact is a concern.  This glycol loop then meets the primary refrigerant loop primed with the RS-44b to replace harmful HCFC chemistry and deliver consistent and long-term cooling for the production equipment. 

There are countless more industrial and commercial applications that can utilize the inhibited propylene glycol and powerful refrigeration chemistries.  If you have questions about your particular system, please feel free to ask us or use our chat functionality to connect directly with a technical specialist. 

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