Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant to Directly Replace R-22 (ASHRAE R453A) in Wide Range of Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications.
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Product Overview

RS-44b is an all-purpose, low GWP & zero ODP refrigerant solution and direct R22 Drop-in Replacement. The RS-44b is a true drop-in technology to replace the phased out R22 technology under ASHRAE number R453A.

RS-44b refrigerant provides the closest drop-in replacement for R22 with equivalent performance in:
Mass Flow Rate, Discharge Pressure, Energy Efficiency and Cooling Capacity

RS-44b provides superior performance compared to R22 for:
Global Warming Potential (1664 TAR), Lower Discharge Temperature, Nonflammable, Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

Product Specifications

ASHRAE Number: R453A
Replaces: R22
Molecular Weight: 105.3
Temperature Glide: ~4.2K
Ozone Depletion Potential: Zero
Critical Temperature: 189.6°F (87.5°C)
Critical Pressure: 45.7 Bara (663 psia)
Boiling Point (@ 1 atm): -44.5°F (-42.5°C)
Liquid Density (25°C): 1136 kg/m³
Density of Saturated Vapor (25°C): 41.69 kg/m³
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point: 243.3 kJ/kg
Vapor Pressure (25°C): 11.22 bara (162.7 psia)
Surface Tension (25°C): 0.0072 N/m

Features & Benefits

Lowest GWP replacement for R22
No required changes for drop-in (oil, equipment, hardware)
Compatible with Mineral Oil (MO), Alkyl Benzene (AB), and Polyol Ester (POE) Lubricant Chemistries
Non flammable and Low Toxicity

Problems Solved
High-Impact Global Warming Potential Products Oil, Lubricant and Refrigerant Incompatibility High Glide Refrigerants Inferior Energy Efficiency Inadequate Flow Rate Refrigerants Expensive or Lack of R22 Availability Required System Component Changes

RS-44b can be used in a wide range of High, medium and low temperature applications down to (-20°F). RS-44b can be used, but not limited to the following applications:

Air Conditioning (AC or HVAC), Commercial & Industrial refrigeration, Chillers, Beer & Wine Cellars, Cold Stores, Refrigerated Transport, Super Market Displays & Appliances, Dairy Chillers, and equipment with capillary & TXV expansion devices.

RS-44b is available in a cylinder sizes for easy use in a wide range of AC, cooling and refrigeration systems.