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Easily Replace Legacy R-22 Refrigerants

R22 Replacement - Changes in Refrigeration

Word on the street is that refrigerant prices are rising, and the legacy R-22 which once looked so affordable is now two or three times as expensive as it was last year per cylinder with room to steepen further.  This is a major concern to anyone seeking to recharge legacy systems - Fortunately, ChemPoint has partnered with ComStar to offer their low GWP replacement HVAC refrigerants. 

 ComStar R22 Alternative Refrigerants

ChemPoint is proud to partner with Comstar to promote & distribute their performance refrigerants RS-44b (R-453A) and RS-45 (R-434A).

These refrigerants are locally stocked, affordable, low global warming potential (low GWP) replacements for legacy technology.  Not just R22 and R22 refrigerant flooded systems respectively, but also the many gasses in a crowded market of low GWP replacements that all find themselves subject to prohibitive shipping costs, volatile market conditions, and absurd lead times. Comstar RS-44b and RS-45 are not only hassle-free R22 replacement solutions, but also provide the peace of mind of a stocked, domestic supply able to rapidly meet your HVAC refrigerant and air conditioner needs.

R-22 Refrigerant Property Comparisons

RS-44b — True Drop in Refrigerant for R22

Comstar RS-44b is the closest, market available drop-in replacement for R22 that requires no oil changes and no system changes. Other features include:
  • Equal Flow Rate & Cooling Capacity as R22 
  • Lower Discharge Pressure compared to R-407A, R-407C and R-427A 
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Flammable
  • Commercial & Domestic HVAC Compatible
  • Non Ozone Damaging and HCFC-free
  • Lowest GWP (1664 TAR)
  • No Oil, Lubricant, System or Component Changes Required in Retrofit 
  • Compatible with Common Lubricants & Oils (MO, AB, POE Oil) 

RS-45 - Replace R22 for Flooded Refrigerant Systems

ComStar RS-45 is the only suitable refrigerant to replace R22 in flooded systems, like those found in chillers.  
  • Low Glide Performance
  • Blends Seamlessly with Remaining R22 in the System
  • Compatible with all Oil Types
  • Does Not Require System Component Changes during Retrofit
  • More Stable Transition Temperatures Compared to Competitive Refrigerant Gases

 R22 Refrigerant Replacements

R22 Freon has been fully restricted as of January 1, 2020 by the EPA-certified phase-out regulation focused on limiting the detrimental environmental impacts from refrigerant leak from air conditioning units, HVAC, or heat pump system.  Commercial and domestic air conditioner systems rely on compressed refrigerant gas, and ComStar has a full line of performance solutions for system retrofit and R22 replacement.  Thess technologies to replace R22 provide drop-in equivalent performance while at the same time reducing global warming contribution through non-ozone depleting properties.

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