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The Hidden Cost of Glycol Homebrews

Homebrew Glycols Explained

There are many glycol-based thermal fluids available in the market, but the so-called bargain homebrew solutions carry many hidden costs.  Save yourself thousands in repair and fluid costs and learn the true value of the DOWFROST™ brands.
When it comes to low-temperature thermal fluids, the availability of cheap homebrew solutions can be very appealing.  However, choosing on a homebrew glycol can have many hidden risks that outweigh any potential savings. 
It is important to ask yourself a few questions about any homebrew glycol to ensure you aren’t jeopardizing your equipment, time & money!

Glycol Thermal Fluid Checklist 🗸

What is the Glycol Purity? 

Many homebrew fluids use recovered waste glycol that may contain impurities if not properly refined.  These contaminants can pose a real danger to equipment lifespan and introduce a food source for biofouling to occur.  Dow fluids utilize virgin glycol material and deliver consistent and reliable performance. 

Is the Fluid Formulated Correctly? 

Homebrew thermal fluids may have claims of “glycol purchased from dow” but this isn’t a direct indicator that the fluids are properly formulated.  The correct inhibitor package must be used to ensure sufficient protection from corrosion & failure, and to provide long-term operation without required refills.

Does it Have Proven Protection?

Before purchasing the bargain thermal fluid, it’s important to look at any proven track record of success – case studies, 3rd party lab results or referrals are all important factors to consider when selecting a thermal fluid. Dow has decades of proven data to support safe & reliable performance for the long haul.

Is there Supply Security? 

Given today’s economy it is critical to evaluate the security of supply in a thermal fluid.In a worst-case scenario can you purchase more fluid? How long will it take to get there? These hidden risks can quickly become an enormous headache. Trust in Dow, the global leading supplier of thermal fluids. 

Is Tech Support Available? 

When properly maintained, a thermal fluid should last a considerable amount of time. Does your homebrew source provide technical support for the long-term? How hard is it to get a hold of someone in an emergency? Dow and ChemPoint pride themselves on providing next level service to their thermal fluid customers, offering tech support and free test kits to ensure proper fluid operation.

Can you Afford the Risks?

Homebrew fluids are typically selected due to the savings on a cheaper fluid – however if not properly maintained these fluids can wreak havoc on piping and equipment. Corrosion, leaks and hidden damage can cost a considerable amount of money that dwarfs any savings from the bargain brand solution.

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