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    Flexible Packaging Adhesive Innovation

    The demand for flexible packaging is growing rapidly due to consumer preference, sustainability, and cost reduction.  In turn, adhesive manufacturers have had to innovate in order to offer converters and packaging manufacturers solutions that allow them to capture just-in-time business while also realizing cost savings.  This innovation has lead Dow to launch their newest solventless laminating adhesive for flexible packaging applications; PacAcel™

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost with PacAcel™

In today's consumer market, speed is king.  Packaging manufacturers need to be able respond quickly and fulfill orders without compromising performance or appearance.  Dow's latest solventless adhesive, PacAcel™, was designed to allow for shorter run times, faster time to market, and high performance for film and foil laminations used in a broad range of flexible packaging applications. PacAcel™ is ready for slitting in 4 hours, pouching in 24 hours, and food contact in 48 hours.  It can be run at line speeds of up to 1,400 feet per minute and reduce laminator downtime because it is easy to clean and offers a longer pot life than traditional solventless adhesives.  The benefits of using PacAcel™ are summarized below.

Shorter Time to Market
  • Slitting in 4 hours
  • Packages complete in under a day
  • Primary aromatic amine decay occurs in 2 days
Regulatory Compliance
  • FDA 175.105 and 177.1395 B through J
  • EU Compliance
Reduced Cost
  • Less line downtime
  • Faster run speed
  • Less cured adhesive waste

No Need to Sacrifice Performance for Speed

The initial adhesion of PacAcel™ was tested on a PET to PE lamination at intervals of 3, 4, and 5 hours to determine the optimal slitting time.  As you can see below, 4 hours is sufficient for PacAcel™ to achieve maximum adhesive strength prior to slitting.

Curing After 3, 4, and 5 Hours for Slitting (PET/PE Adhesion, g/in) - PacAcel™ L75-191/CR-85 (100:50)

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Adhesion of PacAcel™ was also tested for common flexible packaging laminations one week post production.  The graph below shows that in most cases adhesion strength is consistent regardless of film.


One-week Adhesion (g/in) - PacAcel L75-191 / CR-85 (100:50)

ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
Finally, the resistance of bonds formed with PacAcel™ to heat and moisture were tested.  Testing was performed on two types of boil-in-bag pouches and a wipe pouch stored at 120°F for two weeks.  The results showed that adhesive bonds formed with PacAcel™ hold up remarkably well to heat and moisture.


Resistance Test - PacAcel™ L75-191 / CR 88-141

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