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Oxygen Scavengers for Oilfield Applications

Eastman Hydroquinone

Eastman is a global chemical company that has been supporting the oil and gas industry with specialty chemical solutions for decades. Limiting the presence of oxygen in oilfield fluids and equipment is critical to optimize equipment life and efficiency. Hydroquinone Industrial from Eastman is a highly effective, fast-acting oxygen scavenger in oilfield applications.

Importance of Oxygen Scavengers in Oilfield

Oxygen scavengers are vital to mitigating the presence of oxygen in oilfield equipment, processes, and fluids. Oxygen can have a detrimental effect on oilfield operations. It can cause corrosion when the molecule is in contact with metal surfaces, resulting in the degradation of equipment and infrastructure. Oxygen in oilfield systems can also lead to the oxidation of various organic compounds, including hydrocarbons. Dissolved oxygen in drilling fluids and completion fluids can result in pitting and significant corrosion to downhole tubulars. Oxygen can also promote free radical degradation of polymer additives used in drilling and completion fluids. The oxidative degradation of oils, greases, and other fluids used in drilling, production, and transportation processes can affect product performance, leading to excessive equipment wear and damage.
Chemical additives, known as oxygen scavengers, are necessary for nearly complete oxygen removal. Oxygen scavengers act as an antioxidant by intercepting oxygen radicals and preventing the chain reactions that lead to oxidation. By sequestering oxygen, they help maintain the integrity and stability of hydrocarbon fluids enhancing their performance and longevity, and inhibiting corrosion to extend the lifespan of critical components.
Oxygen scavengers also play an important role by inhibiting hydrogen sulfide (H2S) formation. H2S is a highly toxic and corrosive gas produced during oil and gas extraction. When oxygen is present, bacteria can metabolize sulfate ions and produce H2S as a byproduct. By reducing oxygen availability and creating an anaerobic environment, bacteria are unable to grow, resulting in reduced H2S formation.

Hydroquinone for Oxygen Scavenging

Hydroquinone, also known as 1,4-benzenediol, is a highly effective oxygen scavenger in oilfield applications. Hydroquinone quickly reacts with oxygen to mitigate corrosion, prevent fluid oxidation, inhibit H2S formation, and enhance the efficiency and longevity of oilfield equipment and processes. Additionally, hydroquinone is stable and compatible with a broad range of oilfield fluids, making it an ideal choice for oxygen scavenging. Hydroquinone is soluble in both oil and water, allowing for effective distribution through various phases of the production process. It is also less hazardous and toxic than other common alternatives, making it safer to handle. Hydroquinone is often formulated into chemical blends or combined with other additives to optimize its performance and tailor it for specific operational requirements.
The use of hydroquinone in oilfield applications should comply with relevant regulations and guidelines. Hydroquinone and its derivatives should be handled, stored, and disposed of with appropriate safety measures to protect human health and the environment. Contact us today to speak with a technical representative about your oxygen scavenging needs!

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