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Hydroquinone Industrial Photographic

Primary inhibitor, lowest cost, most commonly used general-purpose inhibitor, antioxidant, and intermediate.




Product Overview

Eastman™ Hydroquinone Photographic is an industrial antioxidant that reacts quickly with oxygen. Along with being used as a primary inhibitor, it is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other antioxidants.

Product Specifications

Appearance: White crystals
Flash point: 177°C (350°F)
Boiling point: 286°C (547°F)
Density @ 4°C: 1.34 g/mL
Molecular weight: 110.11
CAS: 123-31-9

Features & Benefits

Low cost
Effective stand-alone oxygen scavenger
Reduces corrosion in water treatment applications as a catalyst
Does not degrade to ammonia
Reacts quickly to oxygen


Used as a primary inhibitor to prevent oxidation and industrial applications.

Related Products

Eastman Hydroquinone and Derivatives

Eastman™ hydroquinone and derivatives are photographic- and industrial-grade reaction inhibitors and stabilizers that react with free radicals in polymerization reactions to form stable compounds in the presence of oxygen. Hydroquinone and its derivatives are practical storage and in-process inhibitors.

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