Hydroquinone Industrial Photographic

Primary inhibitor, lowest cost, most commonly used general-purpose inhibitor, antioxidant, and intermediate.
Product Overview
Eastman™ Hydroquinone Photographic is an industrial antioxidant that reacts quickly with oxygen. Along with being used as a primary inhibitor, it is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other antioxidants.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White crystals
Flash point: 177°C (350°F)
Boiling point: 286°C (547°F)
Density @ 4°C: 1.34 g/mL
Molecular weight: 110.11
CAS: 123-31-9
Features & Benefits
Low cost
Effective stand-alone oxygen scavenger
Reduces corrosion in water treatment applications as a catalyst
Does not degrade to ammonia
Reacts quickly to oxygen
Problems Solved
Ineffective Antioxidant Additives & Performance in Non-Food Oils and Fats
Poor Reaction Inhibition for Monomers & Polyesters
Used as a primary inhibitor to prevent oxidation and industrial applications.