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    Improved Performance in High Humidity

    Elvacite® 4348 acrylic resin provides excellent adhesion to substrates when dry and water saturated.  It provides a balance of flexibility and toughness similar to Elvacite® 2016 but with much less whitening when exposed to humidity.  These properties combined make Elvacite 4348® the ideal resin for structural adhesives, concrete sealants, and coatings.

Benefits of Elvacite® 4348:

  • Excellent adhesion to wet and water saturated surfaces
  • Superior weathering resistance and exterior durability
  • Balanced toughness and flexibility
  • Fast dissolution in solvents
  • Starting point formulations available
  • Registered in major markets (US, EU, Asia, etc.)   

The solid bead resin is soluble in common solvents such as toluene, xylene, acetone, t-butyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. Elvacite® 4348 also provides the advantages of low dusting small particle size and no residual VOC. Elvacite® 4348 can be used for concrete, masonry, and many other substrates.

    Elvacite® 4348 Outperforms the Competition

      ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles


      ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

      Elvacite® 4348

    Figure above: Cross-cut testing of Elvacite® 4348 coating vs a benchmark coating applied on concrete after soaking in water for 7 days

      Typical Properties
      Physical FormWhite, non-dusting beads
      Tg (°C)55
      Molecular Weight (Mw)55,000
      Acid Value, mg KOH/ g3.5
      Clarity (40% solids in Toluene)Clear
      Gardener Viscosity, 25°CO-U @ 40% solids in toluene


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