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Trilene® for lubricants, greases, and oil applications

Improve Viscosity

Viscosity improvement and index modifiers are essential building blocks for long-lasting grease and oil applications. With changes in machine operational temperatures throughout the manufacturing process, it is crucial to maintain the same level of shear protection from start to finish.


Lion Trilene® liquid elastomers are beneficial viscosity additives for lubricating grease and oil formulators that require a low–molecular weight product while encompassing the traditional benefits of EPDM polymers. New global markets experiencing industrialization growth expect lubricant, grease, and oil formulations to provide long-lasting performance benefits to support their operations. These expectations include reducing operational and maintenance expenses while maintaining consistent production outputs within industry applications such as construction, metal mining, cement production, power generation, food processing, heavy-duty transportation, gas refining, and textiles. Lubricating greases and oils must be able to exist in extreme conditions while delivering long-lasting durability and performance.

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymers (EPDM) are stable, saturated hydrocarbons and offer outstanding heat, ozone, weather, and electrical resistant properties in traditional rubber compounding and processing applications. The unique polymer chemistry of highly saturated and linear/branched molecules creates a tight molecular weight distribution. As a viscosity improver added to a base oil formulation, Trilene® allows for consistent performance while exposed to extreme temperatures.

Why Choose Trilene® for Your Lubricant, Grease and Oil Formulations?


The Trilene® portfolio of low–molecular weight EPDM terpolymers provides excellent thickener properties in viscosity index improvement for lubricating gear oil and grease. Trilene® Liquid Polymers can help meet these challenges by providing a range of high-viscosity lubricating greases as viscosity modifiers to blend high-performance products.


Trilene® Liquid Polymers can be blended with mineral oils to make semisynthetic gear oils or combined with low-viscosity polyalphaolefins (PAO) and various esters to make higher-performing full synthetics. They provide performance benefits such as oxidative resistance, ozone resistance, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance to nonhydrocarbon fluids.

Viscosity Improvement 

Compared to the olefin copolymers (OCP) and polymethacrylates (PMA) viscosity modifiers, the relatively low molecular weight of Trilene® allows for significant shear stresses. The overall shear stability behavior, both temporary and permanent, constructs a consistency of oil film thickness that can help sustain fuel economy and wear protection.

Trilene® Liquid EPDM delivers superior viscosity, high temperature, and shear stabilizing advantages. Because of their low molecular weight, the EPDM terpolymers can provide thickener properties for viscosity index improvement benefits. Trilene® is also compatible with various synthetic mineral formulations and antioxidant additive packages. Lastly, Trilene® assists in reducing friction and creating stability to maintain consistency and high-quality performance.


Thickening Capabilities

Ability to be used as a base fluid or thickener additive.

High Viscosity Index

Effective thickener at low treat rates.

Shear Stability Performance

Superior shear-stability performance in the KRL test.

Heat Oxidation Stability

Resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation.

Weather Resistance

Zero VOC and extreme-temperature flexibility.


Excellent binder for almost all additive packages.

Typical Trilene® Starting Formulations

The chart below shows potential formulations for viscosity modification using Trilene® CP-80 in industrial gear oil applications.

*Formulations using Trilene® Liquid Polymers can have excellent low-temperature properties, allowing their use over a wide range of temperatures.
*Based on the severity of the application, a choice of viscosity modifiers with different shear stability characteristics and potential cost and performance benefits are realized.

Liquid EPDM Polymers

Trilene® Liquid EPDM capabilities range from providing viscosity modifying benefits to excellent processing advantages for rubber compounding applications. As a versatile, low–molecular weight EPDM, Trilene® is an exceptional viscosity modifier for your base lubricant, grease, and oil formulations. Explore the Trilene® portfolio and request your sample today!

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