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Antimicrobial Protection - Metalworking Fluids

Antimicrobial Solutions for Metalworking

There are fewer things more undesirable than bacteria or fungal growth.  In the metalworking world the warm, dark, damp environment of a sump system provide the ideal breeding ground for microbial growth like fungus, yeast, and bacteria.   Janssen PMP have the solution to help metalworking coolant manufacturers prevent this microbe growth with Sodium Pyrion™.

The Problem - Microbes in the System

As with any microbial growth, the problems can compound rather quickly.  The increased biomass can have serious impact on system pumps, lines, and filter systems.  Plugged lines and spray nozzles can create inconsistent cooling and lead to damaged tools, uneven machining, and poor surface finish. 
The rapid accumulation of bacteria and fungi can also have an incredibly powerful and unpleasant odor in the workspace. This microbial growth can quickly overwhelm the delicate chemistry in many metalworking coolants causing shorter sump life and increasing overall operational costs.

Unmitigated growth of bacteria or fungi in a metalworking system can become a legitimate health risk for machine shop employees.  Especially if microbes become airborne when fluid is pumped through the system.

Why Use Sodium PYRION™?

Janssen’s Sodium PYRION™ is a powerful antimicrobial agent that prevents microbial growth before it has even begun. Sodium PYRION™ is a solution of sodium pyrithione in water and is incredibly efficient with treat rates as low as 0.01%.

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