Sodium PYRION™ 40%

Antimicrobial preservative (sodium pyrithione) used in a variety of water-based functional fluids and coatings to protect against micro-organisms.
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Product Overview
Sodium Pyrion is highly effective against micro-organisms. Often used in water based fluids such as metal working, hydraulic, industrial lubricants, and water based latex paint applications. The pyrithione chemistry is often used when stability and low leachability is critical. Able to be used in low doses, reduces treatment costs and can be used in post treatment or metalworking fluid concentrates.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Clear, yellow-brown liquid
Specific Density: 1.10 - 1.24 g/ml
pH-value : 1.19 - 1.24 g/ml
Molecular weight: 149.15
Thermal stability: 250°C
CAS number: 3811-73-2
Primary Chemistry: Sodium Pyrithione
Features & Benefits
EPA registered
Low treat rates
Non-leaching results with long term protection
Ease of application in aqueous form
Problems Solved
Excessive Treat Rate Antimicrobial Additives
Ineffective Biological Growth Inhibition
Due to the effectiveness at low treat rates, Sodium Pyrion saves formulators time and money by gaining more antimicrobial effectiveness, while using less.