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Keep Paint Fresh & Growth Free!

Stop Microbial Growth with PYRION™

Paints and coatings in high moisture environments are particularly susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. Microorganisms can create unsafe conditions and degrade coatings. Janssen PMP has antimicrobial solutions to prevent and protect against unwanted microbial growth for a variety of architectural and industrial paints and coatings.

Zinc PYRION™ and Sodium PYRION™ are extremely effective, pyrithione-based antimicrobial additives that inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of fungi (yeast and mold), algae, and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in antimicrobial paints and coatings. Janssen's PYRION™ antimicrobials provide protection against staining, unpleasant odors, and the degradation of the paint or coating surface. Zinc PYRION™ is available in powder and water-dispersed form. Sodium PYRION™ is water-soluble and is available as a 40% solution in water.

Dry-Film Protection

Dry paint and coated surfaces are susceptible to antimicrobial activity from fungi and algae that can deteriorate and reduce the aesthetic look of paints and coatings. Zinc PYRION™ is an effective dry-film preservative that is easy to use and stable at high pH and high temperatures, shows low solubility in water and organic solvents, and is low leaching to provide long-term antimicrobial protection.

In-Can Protection

Water-based paint, while still in the can, is an easy target for bacterium and other microbial growth. Microorganisms that grow in water-based paints and coatings can cause foul odors, gassing, discoloration, breakdown of the emulsion, gelling, and pH changes while paint is being stored and transported. Zinc PYRION™ and Sodium PYRION™ are effective antimicrobial components of biocide blends used for in-can preservation.
Janssen PMP offers free testing of several industry test methods for antimicrobial efficacy to help you pinpoint the ideal treat rate for your product. Break the mold....and bacteria with PYRION™ antimicrobial solutions!


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