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Protecting Your Inks From Contamination Can Be A Challenge

ChemPoint offers a wide range of EPA approved in-can (wet-state) preservatives from LANXESS, previously manufactured by DuPont, that provide broad spectrum efficacy against various types of microbiological organisms and contaminants. LANXESS biocides are featured with long term preservation, pH and thermal stability, excellent compatibility with ink formulation ingredients, and better environmental profile.

LANXESS biocides and antimicrobial products - KATHON™, ROCIMA™, DOWICIDE™, UCARCIDE™ and BIOBAN™, are based on proven-perforamnce biocidal active ingredients that can help control the bacterial and fungal growth in your printing inks products and formulations.

In Can (Wet-State) Preservative for Inks

  • Dow’s high quality CMIT/MIT stabilized Technology.
  • Provide protection against bacteria and fungi in the wet state.
  • Cost-effective preservation with low level of use where compatible.
  • Proven efficacy with market reputation for inks in-can preservation and great compatibility with ink formulations.
  • Rocima BT grades have high thermal stability up to 200 C.
  • Ensure the stability of your preservation in low quality warehouse conditions, overseas exports and long ground transportation.
  • Switch to Rocima Micro-Biocides for quick kill and long term preservation to eliminate the risk of spoilage in high temperatures.
  • Non - formaldehyde and non-chlorinated chemistry.
  • Bio-degradable and EPA registered for great environmental profile.
  • Dowicide protects high pH inks from bacterial and fungal contamination.
  • Great fit for consumer goods and meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact.
  • Highly compatible with most surfactants used in ink emulsions.
  • Dow’s high quality Glutaraldehyde provides biocidal activity over a wide range of pH and temperature.
  • Ucarcide protects inks from microbial contamination like bacteria, mold, yeast even at low level of use.
  • Cost effective with low level of use.
  • Broad EPA Approvals and FDA Clearances.
  • Active ingredient, Bronopol, has proven efficacy on anaerobic organisms.
  • One of the best non-formaldehyde releasing chemistries for the preservation of printing inks and fountain solutions.
  • Reclaim or de-contaminate spoiled batches/raw materials.
  • Fast acting to protect equipment from any microbial contamination.
  • Disinfect recycled or city water to avoid end product contamination from the non-treated water supply.
Our specialists are here to help you find the ideal preservative that meets your formulation needs.

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