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LANXESS Oxone™ for Pool and Spa

Clearly Oxone™. See the Difference.

Crystal clear water is a top priority of pool and spa owners. When used weekly as a preventative shock oxidizer treatment, LANXESS Oxone™ keeps pools sparkling clear and free of odors and irritation.

Safer and Crystal Clear SaltWater Pools with Oxone™

Why Oxone™?

  • Dissolves quickly and does not cloud the water
  • Oxidizes water in 15 minutes without spiking the chlorine level
  • Regenerates bromide to bromine and oxidizes contaminants in spas
  • Does not contain calcium and will not increase the calcium level in the pool
  • Perfect for an oxidation routine as this product will not increase the concentration of cyanuric acid

Oxone™ for a Safe and Crystal Clear Pool

Keeps Your Water Crystal Clear:

Many contaminants from the environment and swimmers can accumulate and cause your pool or spa to become dull, cloudy, and unattractive. Regular weekly shock oxidation with Oxone™ eliminates these issues and keeps the water sparkling clear.

Reduces Odors and Eye Irritation:

The harsh smell from some swimming pools, especially indoor pools, is caused by chloramines. Chloramines (often called disinfection byproducts or DBPs) are formed when pool operators treat water with large doses of chlorine to eliminate organic matter.

Chloramines will also lead to eye irritation. If you treat with Oxone™ first, these organic compounds are removed by oxidation and since they are no longer present they cannot be turned into smelly organic chloramines.

How to Use Oxone™ to Shock Your Pool:

When the pool or spa is empty, simply broadcast Oxone™ into your pool or spa and circulate the water for 15 minutes. Oxone™ mixes rapidly with pool water and dissolves completely.


Oxone™ Application in Salt Water Pools:

Salt water chlorine generators are a popular choice for many pool operators. With salt water systems you do not need to purchase chlorine because the generator produces the required chlorine level in the pool. However, you still need to oxidize the organic contaminants.

Most manufacturers suggest oxidation at least once per week. Salt water chlorine generators usually have a “shock” mode that temporarily increases chlorine output.


How to Use Oxone™ in Your Salt Water Pool:

A weekly treatment of 1 pound of Oxone™ per 10,000 gallons will replace using the “shock” button on the generator and you can resume swimming in 15 minutes without worrying about shortening the life of the generator. Using Oxone™ in your salt water pool will keep your water sparkling, save wear and tear on your expensive generator, and get you back in the water quickly.

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