Oxone™ PS-16

Oxone™ PS-16, known as KPMS or potassium peroxymonosulfate, is a non-chlorinated oxidizer that is excellent for use in a wide variety of applications including pool and spa, cleaning products, paper production, water treatment, oil and gas, and denture cleaning applications.
Product Overview
Oxone™ PS-16 made by Lanxess provides a green method for industrial and consumer oxidation needs. Oxone™ PS-16 is a non-chlorinated solution to oxidation needs and is highly stable and easy to use in solution.
Product Specifications
Triple salt molecular weight: 614.7
Active oxygen min: 4.5%
Active oxygen typical analysis: 4.7%
Active oxygen theoretical: 5.2%
Active component: KHSO5
KHSO5 min: 42.8%
KHSO5 typical: 44.7
pH, at 25°C of 1% solution: 2.3
pH, at 25°C of 3% solution: 2.0
Primary Chemistry: Potassium Monoper-Sulfate, KHSO5
Features & Benefits
Non-chlorinate oxidizer in free flowing solid form.
High water solubility at ambient temperatures.
Solution stability (even under acidic conditions).
Low toxicity when compared to chlorinated. options and other oxidizers.
No oxidizer label required.
Highly predictable etch rate for production of micro electronics.
Problems Solved
Chlorinated oxidizers are not desired. Looking for a greener and easier to handle oxidizing agent
Scale formation and white precipitation caused by calcium hypochlorites and solid form oxidizers
Oxidizer label required with the use of bleach in formulations
Limited to no control over etching rate in the production of electronics and microelectronics
Pool turns dark or green due to algae bloom
High level of free and combined chlorine in pool and spa applications
Frequent cleaning or replacement of paper mill felts is required or of felts in paper mills
Insufficient bleaching in denture cleansers, textiles, and cleaning applications
Pool & Spa shock treatment
Printed circuit board microetchant
Repulping aid for wet-strength resin destruction
Oxidizing agent for Felt Wash
Odor control agent in wastewater treatment
Cyanide destruction in mining
Bleach functionality for denture cleanser, textiles, and cleaning applications
Active ingredient for disinfection applications