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Momentive Silicone | EV Cable and Connectors

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the cusp of tremendous growth in terms of production and demand in the next five to ten years. The United States is at the forefront of R&D investment from OEMs and through the Build Back Better Act, resulting from the focused government investment toward sustainable and renewable energy alternatives for infrastructure projects. EV charging networks are a critical component of investment, while tax credits for consumers for new and used EVs are rolling out at the same time.
The main challenge for OEMs is ensuring EV electrical components and new parts are reliable, safe, and perform well for the everyday driver. That is where Momentive silicone elastomers come into play as a high-performance technology with a wide range of solutions that protect and safeguard EVs for consumers. Momentive’s innovative silicone technology allows long-term performance seals, connectors, cables, and more.


The Challenge For EV Cable and Connector Manufacturers

Thermal management for automotive temperature systems is a way to transfer or insulate heat. Rapid charging stations require an optimal flow of energy to keep up with consumer travel expectations, with some charging stations able to charge EV batteries to 80% in about 30 to 45 minutes. These direct current (DC) stations are the required infrastructure for rapid charging. This means charging cables and EV under-the-hood cables and connectors must handle this highest level of charging stations. DC charging delivers outputs of 15 kW to 350 kW compared to alternating current (AC) charging, considered level 1 and 2 EV charging. To withstand that type of direct electrical flow, the insulation material for both the vehicle and the station must offer the highest level of performance, safety, and efficiency.

In addition, the overall vehicle weight must be reduced by replacing steel and iron components with lightweight materials, such as polymer composites, alloys, or carbon fibers. Lightweighting insulation materials with silicone can contribute to overall improved driving range efficiency on a single battery charge.

Momentive Silicones

Momentive silicones offer global solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles to protect the most sensitive and important components. Silicone-insulated EV charger cables are innately lightweight and contribute to manufacturers' efforts to conserve energy while decreasing environmental impacts.

Momentive silicone solutions are not only efficient but also provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Thermal management and insulation (flame retardant)
  • Functional safety
  • Long-term protection
  • Efficiency for processing

Momentive Silicones for EV Cables and Connectors 

Whether your specific applications focus on power conversion, electronic component displays, cables, fuel cells, batteries, or sensors—Momentive silicones offer a range of solutions for e-mobility.


Silopren™ LSR 2600 Family

The Silopren™ LSR 2600 family possesses a lower viscosity than the Silopren™ LSR 2000 series, alongside enhanced tear resistance and reactivity. Consequently, Silopren™ LSR 2600 series can reduce the vulcanization temperature while maintaining equivalent cross-linking and without affecting the vulcanizate's physical properties.

LIM™ 6000 Family

The LIM™ 6000 series is a group of liquid silicone rubbers designed for high-speed injection molding. This family of silicone solutions can be molded over an expansive range of molding temperatures while retaining extraordinary release properties from metal mold trays. For example, LIM™ 6030 can be molded into EV components, including gaskets, seals, and other applications, due to its exceptional shear resistance and tensile strength.

Electric vehicles create demanding applications for manufacturers looking to decrease the weight and improve the safety of EVs. Momentive silicone solutions help meet these new challenges with a wide selection of product solutions that help shape the future of EV solutions. Talk to one of our technical experts today about which Momentive grade works best in your formulation!

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