The automotive industry faces an electric revolution as it prepares for a new era of mobility. Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, artificial intelligence, digitalization, and mobility as a service are all growing trends within the automotive industry. And automotive OEMs are pivoting to meet these growing trends and challenges. 

The electric vehicle market has seen tremendous growth due to changes in consumer trends and new innovative technology fabricating longer-range and better-performing vehicles. Momentive performance silicone elastomers are poised to assist this rapidly growing market. In the next couple of years, automotive OEMs are sprinting to deliver their variant of electric vehicles that can outperform the existing benchmark and focus on building the future of renewable energy infrastructures for these vehicles. 


Current combustion engine vehicles contain highly advanced electrical and electronic parts that now perform essential performance functions. However, the electronic sensors on these traditional vehicles are crucial in maintaining a solid foundation. Momentive silicone solutions have provided combustion vehicles with outstanding chemical, heat, and weather resistance for new-age electronic sensors, cables, and traditional fluoroelastomer engine seals. With the shift in focus towards electrification and technological advancements, Momentive performance silicone elastomers can continue to produce exceptional performance properties for new electric cars. Silicone elastomers support many e-mobility components while providing high-performance benefits such as longevity, reliability, and durability. Momentive silicone materials assist electric vehicle components by providing thermal management, sealing and bonding capabilities, and protecting sensitive assembly technology that makes e-mobility vehicles.  



Momentive silicone elastomers offer unique ready-to-use capabilities for demanding performance requirements in the EV market, such as their liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high-consistency rubber (HCR) grades. Silicone elastomer additives solve complex e-mobility manufacturing challenges from temperature requirements to governmental regulatory standards. Automotive applications such as electrical connectors will face increasing scrutiny and expectations for long-lasting reliability, durability, and service life. By enhancing thermal management, battery solutions, cables, connector materials, sensor coatings, and adhesives, Momentive's performance silicone elastomers will help drive electric vehicles into the future.



The Silopren™ LSR series is a versatile portfolio of two-component liquid silicone rubber typically recommended for injection molding processes. Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is curable, pumpable, and thermally resistant to extreme temperatures. With fast mold cycles and the ability to be molded and cured to exact dimensions, this silicone technology offers outstanding performance for e-mobility automotive manufacturers. 


Momentive's portfolio of Silopren™ LSR 3000 series is the premier material of choice for electrical connectors inside the EV. 

Product Appearance Density Durometer Tensile Elongation Tear Strength Compression Set
    [g/cm3] [Shore A] Strength [%] Die B [N/mm] [after [email protected] 175C,
        [MPa]     25%]
Self-Lubrication Standard
Silopren™ LSR 3785/30 Whitish 1.11 30 9 730 26 25*
Silopren™ LSR 3485/35 Whitish 1.11 33 10 730 26 25*
Silopren™ LSR 3285/50 Translucent 1.13 53 10.9 530 40 25*
Silopren™ LSR 3485/50 Whitish 1.13 53 10.2 500 38 25*
Low Compression Set
Silopren™ LSR 3486/20 Whitish 1.1 20 6.8 760 12 18
Silopren™ LSR 3786/20 Whitish 1.11 19 6.5 740 14 30
Silopren™ LSR 3386/30 Whitish 1.12 32 9.2 720 18 25
Silopren™ LSR 3286/40 Translucent 1.12 41 8 620 41 25
Silopren™ LSR 3386/40 Whitish 1.12 41 8.8 620 35 20
Silopren™ LSR 3186/50 Translucent 1.12 49 9.7 600 43 25
Silopren™ LSR 3286/50 Translucent 1.12 50 8.7 560 45 20
Silopren™ LSR 3286/50 Whitish 1.12 51 8.7 540 44 25
Silopren™ LSR 3286/60 Translucent 1.14 61 9.6 480 52 20
Silopren™ LSR 3286/70 Translucent 1.14 69 10.5 420 37 20
Ultra-Low Compression Set
Silopren™ LSR 3696/25 Whitish 1.08 24 6.5 710 12 19
Silopren™ LSR 3596/30 Whitish 1.1 30 8 700 26 15
Silopren LSR 3596/35 Whitish 1.11 34 8.5 700 31 15
Low Compression Set/Low Cyclics
Silopren™ LSR 3376/50 Whitish 1.13 50 9.5 600 43 16
Low Long-Term Compression Set/High Heat Stability
Silopren™ LSR 3366/50 Whitish 1.13 52 8.6 450 40 11
Silopren™ LSR 2725/40 Whitish 1.1 40 8 600 35 20**

                          *Post-cured  | ** CS after 22hr @ 150°C


Momentive's LSR portfolio of self-lubricating grades enables various electrical connector applications within the electric vehicle. Silopren™ LSR materials encompass low molecular weight, low compression set, and thermal resistance for demanding automotive environments. 


Silopren™ LSR portfolio also exhibits self-bonding technologies, allowing electric vehicle design engineers to leverage the two-component and hard-soft design systems. This self-bonding capability provides seamlessly integrates between engineering thermoplastic design while ensuring vital seal placement and performance. Silopren LSR™ 2740 grade is an ideal two-component, self-lubricating silicone rubber for electric vehicle connectors and sealing components. 



Silopren™ LSR can reduce vulcanization temperature while keeping an equivalent crosslinking. With a vast portfolio of LSR grades, Momentive performance materials include the following benefits:

  • High thermal and dielectric stability
  • Outstanding aging resistance
  • Easy to pigment
  • Self-bonding and rapid cure rate
  • Dielectric insulating properties
  • Increase crack resistance and weatherability
  • Low compression set without post-cure
  • Light weight allowing for EV-mileage performance benefit

Momentive Liquid Silicone Rubber for E-Mobility

Product UL
Appearance Density Durometer Tensile Strength Elongation Tear Strength Compression
  Listing   [g/cm3] [Shore A] [MPa] [%] Die B [N/mm] Set
                 [after [email protected]
                175 C, 25%]
General Purpose E-Mobility
Silopren™ LSR 2030 UL94HB Translucent 1.11 31 8 800 18 15*
Silopren™ LSR 2040 UL94HB Translucent 1.12 40 9 750 25 25*
High-Productivity LSRs
Silopren™ LSR 2630 UL94HB Translucent 1.10 32 8 700 35 15
Silopren™ LSR 2640 UL94HB Translucent 1.12 42 8 600 40 25
Silopren™ LSR 2650 UL94HB Translucent 1.12 52 10 550 50 25
Silopren™ LSR 2660 UL94HB Translucent 1.13 62 9 400 45 20
Self-Bonding/Two-Component & Self-Lubricating/Self-Bonding
Silopren™ LSR 2740 - Translucent 1.11 38 9.3 700 20 25




Momentive performance materials are the preeminent silicone elastomers for EV manufacturers and automotive OEMs. Their portfolio of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and heat-cured rubber (HCR) encompass unique proficiencies that equip electric vehicles with safety and reliability. Momentive's technology bolsters an array of EV solutions below: 


    High-Voltage Battery Systems

    Electrified Powertrain Components

    Electric Vehicle Fuel Cell Seals

    EV Insulations and Connectors

    Two-Component Systems

    EV Charging Cables and Wires



The automotive future is here, and OEMs are racing to electrify their fleets. EVs are the future of automotive technology, and manufacturers need reliable, safe, and long-lasting materials to keep pace with the race toward electrification. ChemPoint has a technical specialist to discuss how Momentive performance materials can support your EV application and formulation today. 

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