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Anionic Surfactant for Cleaners & Agriculture Formulations

What is NIAPROOF®?

NIAPROOF® anionic surfactants are sulfate-based, sodium salt anionic surfactants from Niacet. They are known to provide high wetting, solubilizing performance, and excellent stability that make them ideal for many applications, especially when a low foaming surfactant is required.

NIAPROOF® anionic surfactants are featured with one of the highest HLB values in the market. This enables the anionic surfactant to exhibit improved solubility and exceptional stability across a broad PH range and in the presence of acids, alkalis, and oxidizing agents. The surfactants are typically used in water-soluble chemical formulations and can be used as emulsifiers when improved solution stability and enhanced wetting are required.


NIAPROOF® 08 (NAS-08) is an anionic surfactant based on a 40% aqueous solution of sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate (2-EHS). NAS-08 is an excellent anionic wetting additive due to its exceptional stability in strong acid and alkaline solutions for enhanced solubility, dispersion, and penetration.

NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 is also one of the few anionic alcohol sulfate surface-active agents that are stable in the presence of concentrated bleaching solutions.

Recommended Level of Use: 
  • ​ A concentration of 0.25-0.75% is recommended for initial trials.

Regulatory Clearances: 

  • NIAPROOF® Surfactant 08 is the only Sodium 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate anionic surfactant in the market that is EPA registered and NSF certified as a CleanGredients and Design For the Environment (DFE).

  • ​FDA § 173.315: Washing or assisting the lye peeling of fruits and vegetables, followed by a water rinse (maximum concentration of 0.2% on a contained basis or 0.5% max as supplied).

  • FDA § 175.105: Component of adhesives used in articles intended for packaging and transporting.

  • FDA § 176.170: Component of paper and paperboard in contact with fatty and aqueous foods provided that surfaces comply with extractive limitations.

  • EPA § 180.100 1-c: Inert ingredients for use in formulations applied to crops or post-harvest raw agricultural commodities.

  • EPA § 180.100-e: Inert ingredients for use in formulations applied to animals.

NIAPROOF® 08 Applications and Benefits

Household Cleaners:

  • NIAPROOF® 08 is an anionic surfactant commonly used in a variety of household & industrial cleaners and detergents for their excellent penetration and to eliminate much of the work involved in scrubbing and manual cleaning.

  • NIAPROOF® 08 also provides superior cleaning performance when used in wallpaper penetrants.

  • It is also an excellent choice for use in carpet cleaners and detergents as NIAPROOF® 08 does not recoil carpets as sodium lauryl sulfates do and boosts the detergency of the formulation.

Industrial Cleaners

  • NIAPROOF® 08 anionic surfactant is excellent for use in acid-based cleaners and descalers that are typically utilized in metal cleaning applications, dairy production, and rust removal applications.​
  • In metal finishing applications, NAS-08 is added to alkalis to improve the cleaning performance and provide a clean surface that is suitable for plating or spraying.

  • It is also used in electronic cleaners and plating applications to decrease the surface tension of the electrolytic solution and accelerate the release of hydrogen byproducts.

Fruit & Vegetable Wash and Agriculture Applications

  • NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 is an excellent choice for adjuvants, crop protection products, and pest control formulations.

  • ​NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 is approved for use in fruit and vegetable wash for faster peeling while removing soil and microorganism contaminants.

  • NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 provides a uniform pickling solution, reduces the amount of acid required for pickling, and accelerates the pickling process for high productivity.

  • The sodium salt sulfate surfactants can also be used as a coupling agent for inorganic salts that are used in making fruit and vegetable washing solutions.


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