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WESTON™ Phosphite Antioxidants

Innovative Secondary Antioxidants


Secondary antioxidants act as peroxide decomposers by reducing the hydroperoxide to alcohol and eliminating the source causing the chain branching. Phosphite secondary antioxidants offer effective performance during the melt phase, improve color retention, and work during the melt stabilization stage. 

The SI Group WESTON™ portfolio comprises high-purity solid and liquid phosphite antioxidant and liquid phosphite ester additives. These SI Group additives are designed to function as secondary antioxidants while synergizing with primary antioxidants, such as hindered phenols. WESTON™ phosphite antioxidants are suitable for various plastic and elastomer resins that require color, processing, and thermal stability. 

Explore the SI Group portfolio of WESTON™ phosphite antioxidant grades below, and if you are unsure which grade works best for your formulation, talk to an expert today


SI Group Weston™ Phosphite Antioxidants


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