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Trialkyl phosphite ester antioxidant that functions as a secondary stabilizer in a variety of polymers that do not require food contact.


396.83lb Drum



Product Overview

WESTON™ TDP is a trialkyl phosphite ester antioxidant that acts as a peroxide scavenger, providing color and processing stability in a variety of polymers and other materials such as coatings and lubricants.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C: 0.884-0.984
Acid Number: 0.05 mg KOH/g
Refractive Index @ 25 °C: 1.4530-1.4610
Phosphorus Content: 6.2%
Color (APHA, Pt/Co): 50 max
Molecular Weight: 502 g/mol
Flash Point (Closed Cup): 160 °C
Viscosity @ 38 °C: 11.6 cps
Density @ 25 °C: 0.89 g/mL
Vapor Pressure @ 5 mm Hg: 180 °C
Soluble: Most common aprotic organic solvents
Primary Chemistry: Triisodecyl Phosphite

Features & Benefits

Effective in a variety of materials including coatings and lubricants


PET fibers

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