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SoyGold® 5000 for Bioremediation Applications

Green Solution for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

SoyGold® 5000 is a methylated soybean oil product that is excellent for use in bioremediation applications. It acts as a biological co-metabolite that can be utilized for the in-situ remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with hazardous chemicals such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and crude oil derivatives.

How does it work?

SoyGold® 5000 offers a broad range of functionalities from solvent to cleaning and degreasing ingredients. However, it serves as a carbon source in bioremediation applications to stimulate and support the naturally present subsurface microbes. The co-metabolism process occurs when micro-organisms produce enzymes that carry on the biological degradation of the undesired chemicals hydrocarbons present in the soil.
SoyGold® biodegradability supports the microbes population's growth resulting in accelerated degradation of the hazardous chemical components. SoyGold® 5000 also has been found to decrease or eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater and underground contaminated soils due to its liquid/ liquid extractions properties.

Derived from natural sources (soybeans)

Water miscible and oil soluble

Free of petroleum distillates

Can be dispersed in groundwater aquifers or mixed with oil phase products

Readily biodegradable for rapid support to the microbe's growth

Its low viscosity enables flow and dispersion at ordinary aquifer temperatures

Easily handled, stored, and dispensed

Low odor, low VOC, and low emissions

Non-hazardous and non-toxic (HIMS 0, Reactivity 0, Flammability 1)


SoyGold® 5000 offers exceptional co-metabolite properties that enable in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons, and other organic compounds that typically contaminate soils and groundwater beds nearby industrial facilities and oil extraction plants. SoyGold was found to reach a degradation rate of hydrocarbon contaminants up to 90% depending on the application and contamination level.


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