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SoyGold® 5000

SoyGold® 5000 is a soy methyl ester based product used as a biological co-metabolite for the in-situ remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemical contaminants in soil and groundwater.




Product Overview

SoyGold® 5000 is a single distilled soy product that contains no petroleum distillates. SoyGold® 5000 is water miscible and oil soluble, allowing dispersal within groundwater and mixing with oil phase product.  SoyGold® 5000 serves as a carbon source to stimulate and support indigenous subsurface microbe populations in-situ remediation of hydrocarbons and other chemical contaminants.

Product Specifications

Features & Benefits

Readily biodegradable
Low viscosity - Flows readability at aquifer temperatures
Non hazardous/toxic
Low VOCs
Ultra low evaporation emissions

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