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Founded in 1964, Ingevity is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of specialty products. Ingevity products are used in agriculture, energy, coating, adhesive, lubricant and elastomer sectors. Ingevity is comprised of two verticals: Performance Chemicals focuses on specialty chemicals and polymers; and Performance Materials which makes advanced performance activated carbon. Ingevity provides products and technologies that purify, protect and enhance the world around us. Ingevity has supplied the metalworking fluid and industrial lubricants markets with high-performance and sustainable solutions for more than 70 years. Ingevity's innovative technologies provide multiple properties, including co-emulsif­ication, corrosion inhibition, wetting and lubrication in numerous formulations. In a continually evolving market, Ingevity’s innovative solutions and global team of experts help you to optimize your formulations.

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Diacid™ 1550: Metalworking Additive thumbnail

Diacid 1550™ is a multifunctional dicarboxylic acid lubricant additive that exhibits excellent co-emulsification, corrosion protection, and lubrication in water-based metalworking fluids to simplify and enhance your soluble oil, semi-synthetic, or synthetic metalworking fluid formulation. Diacid 1550™ is manufactured from renewable and sustainable resources making it inherently biodegradable, yet resistant to bioactivity.