Weston® Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants

Weston® Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants

Key Applications

polyolefin, SBR, ABS, PVC, polyurethane, polyester fibers

Product Description

Weston® Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants are high-purity phosphite antioxidants that are effective heat, color and viscosity stabilizers providing additional synergies when used with hindered phenols. 


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Weston® 398 Weston® 398 is a phosphite stabilizer finding application for a wide variety of resin systems such as HDPE, LLDPE, SBR, ABS, PVC. SDS* TDS*
Weston® DPP Weston® DPP is a diaryl phosphite ester which has a high phosphorus content, relatively low molecular weight and can be used to improve the color of unsaturated polyesters. It can also be used as a stabilizer in polyolefin applications where regulatory food contact approval is not required. Weston® DPP also serves as a secondary stabilizer to improve the light/color stability and to prevent plate-out of PVC. SDS* TDS*
Weston® TNPP Weston® TNPP is a cost-effective phosphite stabilizer that improves color and processing stability during recovery, drying, compounding, processing and end use. Typically used with HDPE, LLDPE, SBR, ABS, PVC. SDS* TDS
Weston® 399 Weston® 399 is a versatile phosphite stabilizer used in a large number of polymers such as HDPE, LLDPE, SBR, ABS, PVC. SDS* TDS
Weston® 705 Nonylphenol-free phosphite antioxidant, designed as a drop-in replacement for TNPP with a 20% lower loading rate. SDS* TDS*
Weston® 705T SDS* TDS*
Weston® TPP Weston® LPP (Liquid Productivity Platform) antioxidants have been designed as an alternative for conventional powder (solid) antioxidants. Liquid productivity technology enables the creation of customized blends that meet requirements of cost-effective performance and enhanced Responsible Care®. SDS* TDS*