SI Group Phosphite Antioxidants


SI Group Phosphite Antioxidants are solid and liquid secondary antioxidants that work in a variety of systems.

Problems Solved

Peroxide caused degradation in polymeric formulations
Discoloration and low stability of polymers and plastics
Sunergy with phenolic and thiosynergist antioxidants
FDA approvals for the use of phosphite antioxidants in food contact applications
Availability of phosphite antioxidants in liquid and solid forms
Regulatory restriction of nonylphenol typically found in liquid phosphite antioxidants
Gas fading and stability issues of phosphite antioxidants in high-temperature processes
Long lead time and supply stability issues of phosphite antioxidants

21 Products
NAUGARD™ P container
Liquid phosphite antioxidant designed to act as a processing stabilizer, decompose peroxides, and prevent discoloration.
ULTRANOX™ 626A container
ULTRANOX™ 626A is a high performance solid phosphite antioxidant that improves color stability and reduces polymer degradation during compounding, fabrication, and end use in a variety of resins. Similar to ULTRANOX® 626 but in a granular form.
WESTON™ DPDP container
Alkyl-aryl phosphite ester antioxidant that provides color and processing stability in polymers that do not require food contact approvals.
WESTON™ 439 container
Phosphite ester antioxidant designed to improve color, clarity, and light stability of PVC and vinyl chloride copolymers.
WESTON™ 430 container
Specialty alkyl phosphite antioxidant that effectively stabilizes heat, color and viscosity in a variety of polymers.
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