Lowilite® Benzophenone UV Absorbers

Lowilite® Benzophenone UV Absorbers

Key Applications

textile fibers, greenhouse film, outdoor furniture, cosmetics, coatings, inks, adhesives

Product Description

Lowilite® Benzophenone UV Absorbers are ideal for UV resistance in a variety of systems including but not limited to polyolefins, polyesters, styrenics, ABS, PVC, MMA polymers for coatings, oil-based cosmetics, sunscreen for skin, shampoo, hair spray, dyes and wool fabrics.

Article: Addivant for Coatings and Adhesives


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Lowilite® 20 Lowilite® 20 is a benzophenone UV light absorber used primarily in polyesters, polystyrene, PVC and methacrylate polymers. SDS* TDS
Lowilite® 20S Lowilite® 20S is a water-soluble ultraviolet light absorber ideal for use in cosmetics like sun tan lotions, shampoos, hair sprays, dyes, and wool fabrics. It also suitable for polymers for the stabilization of coatings, photographic films, and lithographic plates. SDS* TDS
Lowilite® 22 Lowilite® 22 is a UV absorber used in HDPE, LDPE, PP, olefin copolymers (EPR, EPDM, EVA), PVC, polyesters, polystyrene, and ABS rubber. SDS* TDS