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SI Group UV Stabilizers prevent photo-oxidative degradation in thermoplastic or rubber parts caused by ultraviolet light. The range of products include benzophenones, benzotriazoles, and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to provide options on volatility, color sensitivity, solubility, and resin and pigment compatibility.

Problems Solved

Color stability issues caused by exposure of polymers to light and UV rays FDA clearances for the use of light and UV stabilizers in food contact films and applications Degradation of organic polymers by exposure to UV radiation High volatility and low thermal stability of commercially available light and UV stabilizers Long lead time, high cost, and minimum order quantity of UV and light stabilizers

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LOWILITE™ 19 container
LOWILITE™ 19 is a Hindered Amine UV and Light Stabilizer (HALS) that protects organic polymers from ultraviolet caused degradation. LOWILITE™ 19 is excellent for use in thick and thin section fiber in PE, PP, and blended applications.
LOWILITE™ 20 container
Low molecular weight benzophenone UV light absorber for use in polymers, coatings, and personal care applications.
LOWILITE™ 77 container
Highly effective hindered amine light stabilizer, suitable for use alone or in combination with oligemeric HALS for thick parts such as car bumpers.
LOWILITE™ 92 container
Liquid form HALS that exhibits low interaction with co-additives such as pigments and other stabilizers.
LOWILITE™ 28 container
LOWILITE™ 28 benzotriazole-type UV light absorber provides strong protection from degradation for a variety of polymers when exposed to UV in the range of 290–400 nm.
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