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    SI Group carries a complete portfolio of antioxidants and UV stabilizers for the coatings and adhesives industries, including drop-in equivalents to IRGANOX®, TINUVIN®, and Uvinul®. Primary antioxidants and UV stabilizers are essential for coating and adhesive formulations. Oxygen in paint containers means oxidation and polymerization interact with the end-use product, ultimately causing potential discoloration and loss of mechanical and physical properties of the coating or adhesive. 

UV light stabilizers prevent degradation, such as color damage and delamination of coatings and adhesives. The SI group portfolio has two main light stabilizer additives that protect the coating and adhesive formulations. The first is UV absorber additives which absorb any harmful UV radiation and dissipate it as heat. The second is Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) which scavenge radicals and are only activated when light is exposed to the coating or adhesive. 


ChemPoint - Product Articles

Why Antioxidants and UV Stabilizers from SI Group?

  • Domestic availability
  • Low MOQs and short lead time
  • Technical support
  • Service levels > 95% 
  • All products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facilities


Coating and adhesive stabilizers must maintain clarity, offer good transparency, retain viscosity, and resist discoloration, all while avoiding skin and gel formation and loss in tack and tensile strength. Phenolic, phosphite, and aminic antioxidants from SI Group offer compatibility in various forms depending on the type of resin system. Explore the portfolio of solutions below from the SI Group for coating and adhesive applications.  


Antioxidants and UV Stabilizers for Coatings and Adhesives

SI Group Grade Functionality Description CAS Number
ANOX™ 20 Phenolic Antioxidant High molecular weight hindered phenolic primary antioxidant
that prevents degradation
ANOX™ PP18 Phenolic Antioxidant High molecular weight hindered phenolic antioxidant
available in multiple physical forms
ETHANOX™ 330 Phenolic Antioxidant Exhibits outstanding performance in controlling thermal degradation and is compatible with a wide variety of resin systems 1709-70-2
ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite Antioxidant Available in both granular and powder, this organo-phosphite
antioxidant is approved for food contact applications
ULTRANOX™ 626 Phosphite Antioxidant High-performance phosphite antioxidant that improves color
stability and reduces polymer degradation
NAUGARD™ 445 Amine
Provides excellent synergy with phenolic antioxidants and is offered in both powder and granular forms 10081-67-1
LOWILITE™ 62 HALS UV Stabilizer Low-melting point light stabilizer that exhibits low interaction
with co-additives such as pigments
LOWILITE™ 77 HALS UV Stabilizer Superior stabilizer additive for use in a variety of systems 52829-07-9
LOWILITE™ 92 HALS UV Stabilizer Liquid light stabilizer that is clear and colorless to protect against
UV degradation
41556-26-7/ 82919-37-7
LOWILITE™ 26 Benzotriazole UV Stabilizer UV light absorber that protects from UV-initiated degradation 3896-11-5
LOWILITE™ 28 Benzotriazole UV Stabilizer Strong benzotriazole UV light absorber that prevents yellowing
and degradation
LOWILITE™ 55 Benzotriazole UV Stabilizer UV light absorber that dissipates absorbed photochemical
energy as heat
LOWILITE™ 20 Benzophenone UV Stabilizer Low-molecular weight benzophenone UV light absorber with a broad foot contact approval 131-57-7
LOWILITE™ 22 Benzophenone UV Stabilizer General purpose benzophenone stabilizer that stops degradation and offers outstanding color stability with broad FDA clearances. 1843-05-6


The SI Group has a wide range of high-performance antioxidants and UV light stabilizers for formulators of coatings and adhesives. These stabilizers and additives protect from high temperatures that cause the formation of free radicals that discolor and change the physical properties of the coating or adhesive. Talk to a specialist today about which SI Group stabilizer will work best for your formulation. 


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