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ADM Dry Sweeteners


ADM offers a complete line of dry sweeteners, including honey, raisin powders, molasses, nut coatings, tack blends, and malt powders that can efficiently and effectively replace liquid sweetener in most recipes and may offer cost savings, as they are lighter and easier to handle during processing than conventional liquid sweeteners. The dry sweeteners can match taste profiles as well as impart unique flavoring characteristics to the end product. Some of the brand names are: Honi-Bake™ (the original dry honey), Sweet 'n' Neat™, Dri-Mol™ (the original dry molasses), and De-Mol™. Common applications include baked goods, cereals, snack foods, dressings and sauces.

Problems Solved

Costly storing and heating for liquid materials
Messy packaging disposal

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