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Sweeteners To Set You Apart

Our Sweeteners, Your Concept, Endless Possibilities.


NATURAL. ARTIFICIAL. NUTRITIVE. NON-NUTRITIVE. NOVEL. ChemPoint's sweetener offerings can help you enhance your product flavor profile, change or improve the health benefits and claims, provide cost savings, and strengthen your retail marketing and brand... the possibilities are endless.

Synergizing Sweeteners

Nowadays, food scientists have the freedom to create better-tasting products using sweetener systems rather than relying on a single sweetener to do the heavy lifting. These systems can offer improved functionality while helping to address health concerns like obesity and diabetes.

Sweetness synergy is when a mixture of sweeteners provides a greater sweetness than the sum of their respective individual sweetness intensities. When working with sweeteners, formulators have a lot to consider; the right amount of sweetness, texture, flavor, and appearance that the blend contributes to the food or beverage product, and also the potential health benefits, marketing claims, and cost savings.


  • Browns like sugar
  • Naturally occurring rare sugar
  • Lowers the freezing point of frozen products
  • No impact on blood glucose
  • Noncariogenic

Acesulfame K

  • Fast sweetness onset
  • No lingering aftertaste
  • Excellent blending characteristics
  • Tooth friendly
  • Excellent water solubility


  • Clean, sugar-like taste
  • Naturally digested and metabolized
  • No linger, no metallic aftertaste
  • Tooth friendly

Dried Sweeteners

  • Convenient dry form
  • Functional in both liquid and dry formulations
  • Mild to strong flavor/aroma
  • Improves measurement accuracy


  • Clean, sweet taste similar to sucrose
  • Mouth cooling sensation
  • Functional bulking and freeze-point depression in formulations

Monk Fruit Extract

  • Naturally based (monk fruit)
  • Clean, natural sweet taste
  • No bitter aftertaste


  • Naturally based (stevia & stevia leaf)
  • Wide range of solubility and taste profiles
  • High potency
  • Up to 100% sugar reduction


  • Sugar-like taste
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Combines well with other sweeteners
  • Maintains sweetness over a long shelf life

How Can We Help?

Our team can assist you in tailoring your designer sweetener formulation. Our product options coupled with our technical assistance and your objectives can assist in:
  • Product positioning
  • Natural portfolio expansion
  • Cleaner label
  • Taste profile enhancement
  • Cost optimization

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